Natural Remedies for Stomach Care

I am sharing some basic principles and Thumbrule for stomach care. I will tell you natural care with Natural Remedies for Stomach Care. Once you start learning about your stomach and follow the Natural Remedies for Stomach Care. Your stomach would also care for you :)

We all love to eat,drink and enjoy but sometimes we fill our stomach with so much food even our body doesn’t require that much. It’s happened with me so many times that I have overeaten without realising that my stomach is full and has no more space for food but I still try to stuff my poor stomach. Lets care for our stomach. We all should enjoy have a blast but to a limit where you don’t give problem to your body or problem to your stomach. I guess this scenario happens to all of us at many occassions and many a times in life …… right?


I am gonna tell you how to keep gas,acidity and Pitta (excessive heat) away from our body. There are few basic simple rules for stomach care but you need to follow it religiously. I have a very sensitive stomach which reacts immediately I always had indigestion problems,Gas problems since childhood. I started working with BPO’s and after a few years I developed acidity,pitta and my stomach used to have a burning sensation. This was happening on account of eating wrong type of food,eating at wrong timings , working late hours and sleeping during day.

I am gonna share few basic rules which you need to follow if you are suffering from gas ,acidity and even if you wanna keep this problems at bay. Its an Old saying early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy,wealthy and wise.I ts true because when you sleep early and get up early you will realize that your immunity has strongly built up also you will experience less stomach problems This point has been proven in Ayurveda. So please sleep tight :) sleep early and get up early lol


  1. Its important to eat but in small quantities and in every 2 to 3 hours  you should consume food . If you eat in big qunatities your stomach faces a big load so it gives problem to you like gas,acidity etc. Its just like your washing machine if you load with too many clothes in the spinner ,it won’t work properly or even if it works it will not function the way it should.So eating right on right time is  equally important for your stomach to fully  function. Breakfast is very important its okay if you skip your lunch but please make it a point to have your breakfast. Its very important for you and your body. Also try to make an effort to eat after every 2 hours like you can munch on   almonds,walnuts,fruits,cheese,juice,healthy biscuits,fibrous food etc. Please include lots of chapatis,sabzi to your meal and tiffins. Its very important you have your dinner before eight or max till eight thirty for proper digestion. Avoid heavy meals during night time instead go for a lighter meal like roti sabzi. If you feel hungry late nights you can have fruits.
  2. Too Spicy and Salty food should be avoided. Consumption of warm water or Lukewarm water should be taken after 30 mins from Lunch and Dinner. When you drink hot water it helps in digestion of food and discarding toxins from your body. Avoid Cold Beverages or cold water immediately after food insteadd have lukewarm water or hot water.
  3. Avoid Vegetables which increases Pitta Dosh Inyour body like            Groundnuts,Cabbages,Brinjal,capsicum,Prawns,Crabs,Shells,Cauliflower.Also avoid Dals(lentils) you can have tur and mung dal.
  4. Try to drink coffee and tea in a moderation.If you are addicted to tea like me you can make tea mix with herbs like Tulsi,Elaichi,Lemon Grass even Galangal(Thai ginger) is very effective if added while boiling tea. The other option is you can switch to Green tea( i.e tea without milk).

Sometimes we go for marriages,functions,office parties, etc in such scenarios obviously we don’t have any option. When we  don’t have much of choice  but to eat what is served or we just eat anything to avoid starvation.In such cases when you reach home and you have gas or acidity and you are in catch22 situation. In such situations what to do? Don’t worry I will tell you how to care for your stomach.

I will help you with some natural remedies which will help in curbing gas or acidity problems and in daily stomach care.

  • Hing (asoefoetida) - Take 1 teaspoon of hing add to a glass of hot or lukewarm water and gulp it.You will immediately get relief.If its with infants than you can rub hing and cocunut oil on the childs body.This will aslo give relief to the child/baby.This is a tried ,tested and proved example.My Mum used to rub hing with coconut oil on my stomach when I was a infant and I used to get instant relief.Hing has got healing properties and will give you instant relief .
  • Always eat cummin seeds after lunch or dinner and keep some cummin seeds handy in your bag so when you are travelling or feellike munching you can pop some jeera in your mouth.Its good for aneamic patients and beneficial for gas.Even badi saunf is great for gas and Pitta.
  • Drink lots of warm water as this will keep your body clean and flush all toxins from your body.So keep drinking as much water as you can.You can also drink Nariyal Pani(Coconut Water) 3 to 4 times a day.Coconut water is cooling.Also Sabja soaked in water than consumed is effective remedy for curbing heat in your body
  • Eat Ajwain(Ova) or Ova Leaves .Ova also is excellent for gas problems so try to eat Ova if you have gas problems.
  • You can also eat Tulsi leaves on empty stomach every morning which will help you to build immunity and help in digestion.
  • Aloevera is the best way to heal stomach disorders.Drink aloevera juice every morning and eat Aloevera if eaten daily is very benefical for Gas,Acicity and Pitta.It helps in building immunity and resolving stomach disorders
  • Please destress your body by doing yoga and meditation.this will help to calm your body and bring harmony to your mind,being and body.Start loving yourself and your body.Start accepting the way you are and what you are.
  • Lastly sleep well .

I have started caring for my body. I make an effort to eat on time and avoid spicy food. I eat more chapatis and less rice . Try to eat leafy vegetables and avoid vegetables causing gas and pitta. If  I am in a Catch 22 siatuation than I most often gulp Hing in hot water which gives me instant relief. I never take gas medicines. I go the natural way which does not harm my body. I wish you good luck. Please do write and tell me your feedback.

I wish everyone a happy stomach :)

If stomach problem is severe than please consult a doctor .



  1. Atul Shukla says

    It is very useful for me and i have some problems related to stomach so from today i will follow all remedies which you tell us so Thanks

  2. Naveen Kumar.D says

    Thanks very much,it is very good,iam 41yrs of age and having gas problem,i will try this,if u have any more pls forward to my mail.

  3. prabhat says

    hi Maria

    Thanks a lot. you have given some very easy and useful facts. I suffer a lot from stomach disorders. Now I’ll try some of your tips to see the result.

    Thanx again.


  4. Kapil says

    The hing Formula was good , But i didnt understand that eating light meal after every 2-3 hours will not help me reducing my weight .

    I have a target to loose 15KG in next 6 Months . Please suggest me something good.

    • maria says

      Thanks Kapil hing is food remedy to curb accumulated gas in stomach. Consult a dietitian as eating light meals every 2-3 hours is known to help in curbing weight like small babies have milk Or baby food every 2 hours. Eating low carb food post 7.00 p.m. helps in controlling excess fats. You will need to chalk out a diet chart with the help of dietitian to hep you in accomplishment of your target.

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