Aloevera(Ghritkumari) Home Made Face Mask

Today I am gonna talk about Aloevera Plant also called as GhritKumari and also known as Aloe barbadensis. Aloe Vera is also one of the oldest known herbs even being mentioned in the Bible. Also I am gonna share with you some of my secrets… Nothing but Aloe vera Homemade Mask.

Aloevera is a miraculous plant also the benefits are infinite and amazing results when used daily.  Let me share with you some of the benefits of this impeccable plant called Aloevera .


  • Best Remedy for SkinAloevera has healing properties and fights against anti ageing,sun burns,tans,dryness of skin. It also reduces skin diseases like psoriasis, ezcema and other skin related issues. Aloevera also reduces fine lines and wrinkles if used daily on skin.
  • Reduces Arthritis and Joint PainAloevera is well known for its healing properties for joint pain and Arthritis. If Aloevera gel applied on the paining area subsides pain. Also intake of Aloevera orally is of great beneficial to Arthritis Patients.
  • Hair CareGreying of Hair,Hairfall which is the most commonly faced problem of people with all ages even youngsters like me these days have grey hair. If Aloevera Pulp applied daily to your hair will give you amazing results which no shampoo,medicines or hair cream will give you. You will have to try out yourself to reap these benefits. Aloevera reduces hairfall and curbs Hair Greying to a great extent.
  • Stomach Disorders: Aloevera has got laxative properties hence if orally taken will reduce Acidity, Gastric Problems,digestive problems and will cure stomach disorders
  • ImmunityAloevera when daily utilised increases your Immunity Power and builds resistance in the body to fight against diseases.

Warning: Before consumption of Aloevera Plant internally or externally please consult your Doctor or Skin Specialist to avoid any allergies or problem to your skin.

We spend a bomb on various cosmetics for our daily skin care,we end up to beauty parlors for facial on various occasions just to get that glow on our skin and still don’t get satisfied with it. There are variety of products available but we end up getting confused . We try some products but we are not happy with the results. You know what  we forget our Dadimaa Nuskaas and home remedies which are cheap and the benefits are humungus.

Let me share with you some of my secrets for my glowing skin :) lol.

I am talking about Aloevera (Ghritkumari) Face pack which you can make at home by yourself and use it daily for healthy and glowing skin.

First Step: Cut a leaf of Aloevera right at the base with a Sharp Knife. Now Place the Aloevera leaf on a plate and let it rest for 15 to 20 mins as there will be a yellow fluid flowing once you cut the leaf . The yellow fluid is called Sap let it ooze out . Now wash the Leaf thoroughly under running water to remove the yellow fluid.

Second Step: Take a Knife and cut the edges of Aloevera Plant as it will consist sharp thorns which might hurt you so be careful while cutting it. The thicker leaf you take the thicker will be the extract of Aloevera Gel. Please peel off the green layer of Aloevera Plant with the help of Knife from both sides. Once you are ensured both the green layer skin of Aloevera Plant has removed than you will see a white colour or transparent substance.

Third Step: The Transparent substance is nothing but the Aloevera Gel which you need to dice properly and keep aside. Now add 1 Tablespoon Haldi(Turmeric),2 Tablespoon Honey,  Few drops of Pure Rose Water,few drops of glycerine. Blend all this to form a paste in the grinder. Now Refrigerate this pack and use it daily . Keep this pack for about 20 to 30 mins until it dries on your skin. Now wash your face thoroughly with water.

 Aloevera Homemade Pack for Healthy and Glowing skin


Don’t add water while grinding Aloevera paste as Aloevera consist of moisture.

Be careful while peeling edges of the Aloe Plant.

Your skin will glow become smooth ,soft and clear if used daily. I use it and my face glows so yours will glow too :). Aloevera pack if applied regularly also fights aginst anti ageing,reduces fine lines and wrinkles. Aloevera Pack also takes care of Sun Burn,Sun Tan if used daily

I use Aloevera Pack on a daily basis and I have a sensitive skin but my skin glows because I use Aloevera  quite frequently. I have two Aloevera Plants grown on my terrace. Do start growing Aloevera Plants in your balcony, terrace. Aloevera also consumes less water and  easily available in the market also grows fast. Please use Aloevera Pack daily and share with me your feedbacks.


  1. roshani shrestha says

    its true aloevera is a amazing plant.since my skin is vry sensitive , i ve started using only aloe vera pack on my face over nite but 1thing i m afraid of is whn it dries out, my face tightens up . does it ve any side effect as wrinkles???

  2. says

    aloe vera with honey or lemon it good for skin? i heard that honey creates allergy in oily skin
    n lemon juice makes our complexion
    dull n it burns our skin. Is dat true?

    • says

      Mishi pure honey is great for skin and so is lime juice but use few drops of lime juice if you have a sensitive skin. Hope this helps and when you use lime juice with honey it gets diluted thereby it shouldn’t burn your skin.

  3. Reshma says

    madam, should i not smile or talk while i have applied this aloevera pack or aloevera with some yougort ? will ot cause skin loose ? I have oily skin So can i use pure homemade aloevera extracts (gel ) on my face as a moisturizer ?

    • anjali says

      Use natures essence diamond bleach with diamond facepacks it will definitely give ur colour fair

    • says

      Try fullers earth (multani mitti) with pure rose water. Apply the pack until dry and wash off don’t apply near eye area. Also please consult a skin specialist for glowing skin.

  4. priya says

    How to reduce dandruff and hair fall. I will use some shampoo bye doctor advice but not used. Plz give me suggession to control hair fall and dandruff

  5. yash says

    i am 16 years old
    my skin is oily
    i am becoming dark in complexion day by day due to sun tanning
    please suggest me best homemade treatment for becoming fair in 1 month

  6. says

    hi i used it for years ..n its works for me..aloevera is just a life saver plant.i used daily 3 time.n i see the difference within 2 weeks.alovera cleared up all of my acne n red marks too.who have severe acne plzz try gel bed time n wash off with face will help u!!!!n thanks maria.

  7. Aarifah says

    Hii… Im 14 and i have a lot of pimple marks on my face and really want to get rid of it before next year. I have tried everything and my mom said i should try aloe vera so i got a plant and i have been extracting its gel and applying it in the night and washing it out when it drys. I have only tried this for 3 days and i don’t see any difference. So can you please suggest anything for me.

    • says

      Aarifah you could try multani mitti with rose water + chandan. Apply all over except eyes, below eyes and eyebrows. Wash off once dry if pimples still persist please check with a skin specialist.

  8. Asma says

    hi maria, thanx for sharing a nice face pack.i have aloe vera plants at my home n i drink aloe vera juice daily for chubby cheeks n it really showing its result :) i will def try this face pack but my skin is oily .hope it will help me to get a glowing n fair complexion. thnx once again

  9. says

    Heey im loking for some thing for my face befor make up and after make up and under eye dark craem or any thing to fixs also for black dark on my nouse amd my face and best mask coud u plz telme which is best thing to use my face its dry also its really bad when i use any foundation or any make up its like soo dray and not look nice its like midl age however im 22 old

    • says

      Aloevera is great for any skin type I would suggest you to visit a beautician or skin consultant for dry skin. You could moisturize your skin with olive oil before sleeping. Hope this helps.

  10. Paulpat says


    I am guy aged 35 and always worried about my face. During my early years had a fine complexioned face, but ever since started to experience black heads and pimples which I used to press them out trying to remove them, the other part of my face developed dark marks which I tried different treatments to remove them but no changes at all.

    Can you please help me with your magical skin therapy to remove those dark marks on my face!!


  11. borsha says

    Your mixture seems to be thick. But mines become liquid and it flows like stream. It does not settle at my face. Can I use soap after using that mask? And Can I add some ‘uptan’ (multani mati) with that mixture?

  12. Deepika says

    Hyee,m going to get married in the month of March.If I start using this pack from today will it be helpful to have a instant glowing skin till march.

  13. says

    Hi Maria,

    My concern is regarding hair fall, from last 3 weeks i am loosing my hairs in bunch.While doing hair wash, oiling and every time i comb. Please suggest something,,I am so worried.

    • maria says

      Swati hairfall could be for many reasons like stress, lack of vitamins, lack of sleep, food intake, dryness of hair,genetic factors etc. Don’t take a risk consult a Hair Or Skin specialist. Meanwhile you could eat almonds, white-black sesame seeds in morning. Use good brand shampoo and while oiling mix some castor oil to coconut oil and massage lightly on your scalp wash off after 30 mins. Also aloevera pulp is great for hair you could massage some aloevera pulp on your scalp leave overnight and wash morning. Hope this helps you :)

  14. apurva says

    hey the face pack sound amazing n m gonna use it soon…but i want to know how aloe vera can treat acne n its marks…can u suggest me..

  15. hafiza says

    hi,i have used aloe vera pack over night as it was written on the pack,but with two uses i was not effected but third time when i woke up in the morning ,my face complxion got darker,,,,i dont really know,now what to do..kindly please suggest some remedy to get rid of the tan got with its usage..thnx n best rgrds

    • maria says

      Hafiza if you read my post I have mentioned to use fresh aloevera pulp and not readymade packs. Also we would not know what ingredients they have added to the pack that is darkening your skin. You could use curd with little turmeric to reduce tan apply on your skin for 20 mins and rinse it. Also stop using that pack. Hope this helps you :)

  16. elu says

    i started using aloevera pulp from yesterday ……m thinkin of putting pulp over my face before sleep ……….but m not sure coz aloevera pulp when left dried tighten the skin ….coz i hav listen that while putting mask on face we shouldn’t talk or move jus relax n wash after few minutes otherwise it will form wrinkles …but i don know in case of aloevera pulp but as i used in skin i felt it get tighten so i got scared thinkin if i put it whole night or talk then it might cause wrinkles ……..plzzz help me whad to do …will it really forms wrinkles if we talk when pulp on our skin

    • maria says

      Elu you could keep aloevera pulp for some time and wash Or keep overnight it’s upto you ! I use aloevera overnight my skin is good however it’s upto you.

  17. Muskan Zaidi says

    hello maria,

    i m getting marrired i m suffering from tanning, can u give me the better face pack for me, i need glowing and fair skin

  18. ammu says

    hai dear …….. today i made this pack in my house .. i used dabur honey for this is this good or not….. nd i have to use this daily??? if i stop it using suddenly anything will happen ???
    i want to know whether any side effects will there. using honey makes hair white i think soo.. and one thing my one is dryskin ……. reply me quick for my doubts becoz i have already prepared this receipe just apply is left

    thank u… :) :)

    • maria says

      Ammu you can use this daily and even if you stop it has no side effects. Honey doesn’t grey your hair but if you wish you can consult with a doctor before taking a risk. Hope this helps you :)

  19. Natalia says

    This mask sounds amazing! Thank you so much for sharing this!

    I’ve already run downstairs (aloe vera grows everywhere over here) cut some serious aloe vera leaves and waiting for the sap to ooze out! I don’t have other ingredients on hand so im going to try just the aloevera for a start. Out of interest, what do all the other ingredients actually do? And Tumeric..? Doesn’t it color your skin? I use it in cooking and it ALWAYS leaves yellow stains on everything..

    • maria says

      Thanks Natalia :) …………. The other ingredients enhances the mask effect and make skin smoother and soft. In Ayurveda turmeric has antiseptic and healing properties. You can add a pinch of turmeric in that case. In case it leaves your skin yellow just apply some coconut Or olive oil to your face and wipe with cotton. All the yellow color will come out. Hope this helps you.

    • maria says

      Hi Farzana,

      Aloevera is good for all skin types. But I am not sure for acne. It would be advisable if you could consult a skin doctor.


    • maria says

      Gulzar it would be better if you drink the manufactured juice from various brands available in the market as to make aloevera juice at home is a difficult task.

    • maria says

      Hey Uma,

      Aloevera is beneficial for all age and skin types. But you do a small patch test on her elbows and check out is she allergic to it. If yes please consult as skin specialist if not than try using aloevera. best of luc.


  20. Tan says

    i have got some pimples..plz tel me a pack i can make with aloe vera.since i have got the plants at home..
    thank you

    • maria says

      Hi Tanweez,

      You could mix some multani mithi (fuller’s earth) with aloevera pulp. Apply on the face specially where pimples are avoid eye area. Once dry wash your face. Please check with doctor if pimples still exist. Hope this helps you.


  21. sunita says

    wish i coulld use this aloe and i have also read about its amazing good properties but unfortunately it doesnt soot my skin since i have oily and very sensitive skin anything else with which you can help me maria

    • maria says

      Hey Sunita,

      I understand you could use chandan powder mixed with gramflour and little turmeric. Add dash of honey and rose water. Try this out and lemme know if it helps you.


  22. Veronica says

    Hi Maria,

    Thanks for the natural facepack, I will surely try to grow Aloevera plant at home and will use your facepack recipe daily……. thanks a lot…. keep on the good work.
    God bless you

    • maria says

      Hi Lalita,

      Thanks a ton for using and I am happy that you are happy with the results. Keep glowing always.


  23. Lee says

    I have a lot of pimples on my face, neck & chest. can I still use this pack. will it help in reducing my pimples. Pl let me know.

    • maria says

      Hi Lee,

      Thanks for stopping by you could drink aloevera juice also apply it at the same time is benefecial for skin! Best would be you consult a doc for pimples and before cosumption of aloevera. My best wishes are with you :)


    • maria says

      Hi John,

      Only Aloevera is also great apply it everyday. Keep it overnight Or for 20 mins and than wash your face.


  24. shampoo says

    All the Recipes sounds great & seems too easy to cook because they r well narrated.Thanks 4 the pic too along with the narration.Now pasta seems to be more easier & Okra seems to be ready with in no time.I`ll try them out & there r lot 2 explore more in flavors.

    • maria says

      Hey Shampoo,

      Thanks a ton for your lovely remarks and views loved them. Yeah soon I will be updating more recipes with different flavors. You could see Bachelors category for easy recipes. Keep cooking till then.


  25. shatiz says

    u say this is an antiaging facepack…well, i’m in my early twenties, so i dnt really need the anti aging stuff, but jst like niru, i have an oily tan-prone face, that gets dull very easily. and i also have to work in the sun a lot. will this make my skin brighter too?

    • maria says


      Firstly its not just an anti ageing facepack. If used daily the fine lines will become less, skin would glow, will be soft,smooth and supple also tan free. Fine lines are present nowadays on youngsters also.Surely try and lemme know how was it!


  26. niru says

    m gonna use this pack.. will let u know.. my oily face luks so dull after sumtime in the sun and gets tanned easily tooo lets seee

    • maria says


      You can surely try this pack as it has no side effects and if used daily you can notice the results. Also just applying aloe vera pulp is also great. All the best dear.


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