Aloevera(Ghritkumari) Home Made Face Mask

by maria updated October 17, 2014

Today I am gonna talk about Aloevera Plant also called as GhritKumari and also known as Aloe barbadensis. Aloe Vera is also one of the oldest known herbs even being mentioned in the Bible. Also I am gonna share with you some of my secrets… Nothing but Aloe vera Homemade Mask.

Aloevera is a miraculous plant also the benefits are infinite and amazing results when used daily.  Let me share with you some of the benefits of this impeccable plant called Aloevera .


  • Best Remedy for Skin- Aloevera has healing properties and fights against anti ageing,sun burns,tans,dryness of skin. It also reduces skin diseases like psoriasis, ezcema and other skin related issues. Aloevera also reduces fine lines and wrinkles if used daily on skin.
  • Reduces Arthritis and Joint Pain- Aloevera is well known for its healing properties for joint pain and Arthritis. If Aloevera gel applied on the paining area subsides pain. Also intake of Aloevera orally is of great beneficial to Arthritis Patients.
  • Hair Care- Greying of Hair,Hairfall which is the most commonly faced problem of people with all ages even youngsters like me these days have grey hair. If Aloevera Pulp applied daily to your hair will give you amazing results which no shampoo,medicines or hair cream will give you. You will have to try out yourself to reap these benefits. Aloevera reduces hairfall and curbs Hair Greying to a great extent.
  • Stomach Disorders: Aloevera has got laxative properties hence if orally taken will reduce Acidity, Gastric Problems,digestive problems and will cure stomach disorders
  • Immunity- Aloevera when daily utilised increases your Immunity Power and builds resistance in the body to fight against diseases.

Warning: Before consumption of Aloevera Plant internally or externally please consult your Doctor or Skin Specialist to avoid any allergies or problem to your skin.

We spend a bomb on various cosmetics for our daily skin care,we end up to beauty parlors for facial on various occasions just to get that glow on our skin and still don’t get satisfied with it. There are variety of products available but we end up getting confused . We try some products but we are not happy with the results. You know what  we forget our Dadimaa Nuskaas and home remedies which are cheap and the benefits are humungus.

Let me share with you some of my secrets for my glowing skin :) lol.

I am talking about Aloevera (Ghritkumari) Face pack which you can make at home by yourself and use it daily for healthy and glowing skin.

First Step: Cut a leaf of Aloevera right at the base with a Sharp Knife. Now Place the Aloevera leaf on a plate and let it rest for 15 to 20 mins as there will be a yellow fluid flowing once you cut the leaf . The yellow fluid is called Sap let it ooze out . Now wash the Leaf thoroughly under running water to remove the yellow fluid.

Second Step: Take a Knife and cut the edges of Aloevera Plant as it will consist sharp thorns which might hurt you so be careful while cutting it. The thicker leaf you take the thicker will be the extract of Aloevera Gel. Please peel off the green layer of Aloevera Plant with the help of Knife from both sides. Once you are ensured both the green layer skin of Aloevera Plant has removed than you will see a white colour or transparent substance.

Third Step: The Transparent substance is nothing but the Aloevera Gel which you need to dice properly and keep aside. Now add 1 Tablespoon Haldi(Turmeric),2 Tablespoon Honey,  Few drops of Pure Rose Water,few drops of glycerine. Blend all this to form a paste in the grinder. Now Refrigerate this pack and use it daily . Keep this pack for about 20 to 30 mins until it dries on your skin. Now wash your face thoroughly with water.

 Aloevera Homemade Pack for Healthy and Glowing skin


Don’t add water while grinding Aloevera paste as Aloevera consist of moisture.

Be careful while peeling edges of the Aloe Plant.

Your skin will glow become smooth ,soft and clear if used daily. I use it and my face glows so yours will glow too :). Aloevera pack if applied regularly also fights aginst anti ageing,reduces fine lines and wrinkles. Aloevera Pack also takes care of Sun Burn,Sun Tan if used daily

I use Aloevera Pack on a daily basis and I have a sensitive skin but my skin glows because I use Aloevera  quite frequently. I have two Aloevera Plants grown on my terrace. Do start growing Aloevera Plants in your balcony, terrace. Aloevera also consumes less water and  easily available in the market also grows fast. Please use Aloevera Pack daily and share with me your feedbacks.

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