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Black Pepper Spice

Is Black Pepper Spice Or herb? Any Guesses? Black Pepper is a spice as it’s fruit of the plant. Herbs generally comes from the leaves like basil, thyme, rosemary etc however there are exceptions. So Black Pepper is a spice. You would be surprised to know all 4 kind of pepper comes from one seed. First the seed is green in color later it becomes red so the red color, then once seed is matured the outer covering is removed and you get your white pepper lastly the seeds when kept in sun for few days you get your black pepper. Quite interesting only different methods are applied for different types of pepper.

Let’s know each Pepper in detail. Pepper plant grows like a vine tree.

Green Pepper : Green Pepper is a raw seed growing on plants and leaves which are heart shaped. In Goa-India people make pickles out of it and some Indians also use them as fresh spice in cooking. Also green pepper is used for making Vinegar and Brines. You could check out the picture below.

Green pepper spice

Red Pepper : Red Pepper seeds are used for making vinegar and brines. Sorry I don’t have a pic for red pepper.

White Pepper: Once the color of seed changes to red its soaked in water for several days. The outer covering is removed and the inner seed is white pepper. White Pepper is used in white colored dishes, curries, gravies, Mughlai Cuisine, American Cuisine and Japanese Cuisine. The best part is white pepper gives a milder and subtle taste of pepper.

White Pepper Spice

Black Pepper: Black pepper (Piper nigrum) is a flowering vine. Black Pepper is used for seasoning and spicing the food. It’s sun dried for several days and then it changes its color to black Or dark brown.

Taste of Black Pepper: It’s Pungent, strong and spicy. If you use too many Black Pepper you will get a hit of spice and heat.

Storage of Black Pepper : Store them in a dry airtight container and away from sunlight.

How to choose black pepper?  Check the packaging date if it’s too nearing to expiry date then don’t purchase them. Look for firmer and fresher black pepper.

Health Benefits of Black Pepper:

  • Helps is relieving acidity add 3 to 4 black pepper infused with tea leaves and water. No sugar to be added. You could add milk if you wish to. This helps in curbing acidity and aids digestion.
  • Black Pepper also helps in blood circulation.
  • Black Pepper Oil is used for massaging bones as it helps in relieving pain.
  • Black Pepper also known to fight cold and cough.
In which dishes you could add Black Pepper?
I add black pepper powder in my omelettes, sauces, gravies, mashed potatoes, pastas, sandwiches, curries, salads, soups. I love the taste of black pepper that too homemade crushed black pepper. I never buy any spice in powder form from shops. I put the effort to make them as the color, aroma and flavor of the food is on another level with homemade spice powder Or masalas.

Hope this information helps you 🙂 Have a great weekend!


  1. Have used black pepper daily mom would say its very good for cold] but only heard of white pepper and seen it . Want to use it and see . Black pepper is an essential ingredient of Goan cooking . 4 or 6 black peppers are a must in goan curries .

  2. What a great tutorial! I think green peppers are my favourite with black a close second. I love all those health benefits. I must get some oil for my sore knee.

  3. Hi Maria

    Cool?Very kool? very informative

    Take care

  4. Hey got my answer :), btw I am really enjoying this series, really informative …keep going!

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