Easy Custard Apple Icecream, How to make Custard Apple Icecream Recipe

Easy Custard Apple icecream! Custard Apples are also known as Sitaphal in India. This Custard Apple Icecream is so easy to make. I have adapted this recipe from vegrecipesofindia.com. from Dassana’s blog. Quite a unique way to make these healthy Custard Apple Icecream :)….I have just tweaked this recipe a bit I haven’t used sugar instead used grated jaggery and added my favorite vanilla powder. Lemme tell you this Custard Apple Icecream is healthy, sugar free, nutritious, delicious and you can eat them guilt free 😉

I missed my sister a lot I will surely make for her this! I made this yesterday evening and couldn’t wait. I just opened my freezer early morning and had my Custard Apple Icecream as breakfast lols…… I am a freak when it comes to icecream that too low cal one.

You could add sugar if you don’t have jaggery Or could also use sweetened condensed milk. Even this will taste good for the original recipe you could visit vegrecipesofindia.com straightaway. I have pour the batter into my moulds directly as I wanted them that way

So that my icecream looks more presentable, photogenic and tempting. I love to decorate my desserts with possibly anything I have home. May be flowers, cherries, chocolate cause, candies, toasted coconut, choco chips, cakes, leaves and my list will go on. Hope these decorative tips help you guys :)

Just want to say custard apples are great for human body. So don’t wait go to market buy them and eat them Or make milkshakes, icecreams etc. Let’s start making this Custard Apple Icecream.

Custard Apple Icecream below:

Easy Custard Apple Icecream
Prep time
Total time
Easy Custard Apple icecream.
Recipe type: Dessert
Cuisine: General
Ingredients (used american measuring cup, 1 cup = 250 ml)
  • 2 cups custard apple pulp
  • 2.5 cups milk at room temperature (boiled and cooled)
  • 1.5 cups marie biscuit crushed Or powdered
  • 5 tbsp grated jaggery / milkmaid
  • 2 tbsp vanilla powder (optional)
  1. Firstly remove the seeds of custard apples. This would take about 20 mins. One heavy task to do rest is simple.
  2. Combine custard apple pulp, crushed marie biscuits, milk, grated jaggery/milkmaid and vanilla powder. Grind all into a processor until mixture is smooth and uniform.
  3. Just check the sweetness if more sweeter required add little jaggery/milkmaid. Pour the batter into desired moulds and keep int the freezer to set.
  4. Once firm your Custard Apple Icecream is ready. My icecream was soft, supple, creamy, thick with great texture. However if you want your icecream more softer whip them with a beater and set them into freezer again.
  5. I am too impatient to follow the softening process.
Nutrition Information
Serving size: 5 people


  1. Pavani says

    Just tried your recipe today, and it tastes absolutely gorgeous! Never thought putting crushed biscuits in ice cream would taste so good..and this is the first time i’m attempting to make ice cream, thanks for such an easy recipe :) :)

  2. SUNITA says

    atlast i gushed home opened my fridge and voila seriously maria my first time try was amazing tooo good heaven conquered heheh my hubby liked it so much thank goodness i had an extra bowl for the morning. keep posting such easy recipes and great job thank you so much.
    lv sunita

  3. SUNITA says

    hey maria

    i have made this ice-cream today in the morning and kept it in the normal temperature in the fridge since i had to leave for office and just dying to jump on this and gulp it down like heavenly bliss. lets see hope it come out superb crosss my fingers.
    will let u know 2morw.

  4. Manoj says

    This is the first review that I am writing on this site…. Despite the fact, that I have tried a couple of items from this site…. Hats off the Maria for this wonderful site… The site is just perfect… On behalf of all the viewers of this site, I pray to God to give more opportunities to Maria to cook and post it on this site….

    I tried this ice cream the day before… Came out well.. Tasted divine… But I felt it like more of a kulfi than an icecream .. (Perhaps I like kulfis more than icecreams)

    Just a couple of clarifications or suggestion :

    Can an Icecream stabiliser be added to get a consistency resembling more of icecream ??

    How long can we keep this in the freezer ?? How long is the freezer life for this product ??

    I added sugar instead of jaggery and tasted great.. I felt that the quantity of Marie biscuits could be reduced a bit….

    • maria says

      Hey Manoj,

      Thanks for your words and compliments they are very encouraging and positive :)… Also thanks a ton for your prayers and good wishes hope all your desires too get completed! Great your icecream turned out great and you liked them 😉 never mind even if it tasted like kulfi..I love kulfis too…

      To be honest Manoj I have never tried using a stabiliser for icecream as I don’t like to use artificial products atleast not for homemade icecream. But you could try perhaps and tell me how the stabiliser works?

      You can keep the icecream for 4 to 6 days also such icecreams will be over soon 😉 I don’t think so you would get to keep more than a day. The freezer life for such products are just about a week not more than that. The icecream would stay longer but the faster you eat is the better for you.

      Yeah you could reduce marie biscuits there are lot of variations you get in marie biscuits. You could go for light marie biscuit for this icecream.

      Hope this helps you? Keep cooking have loads of fun god bless you.


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