Henna – Mehndi

I am excited to share with all of you one more of my beauty secret for long, dark and healthy hair. I am gonna talk about Henna Coloring and they are everlasting benefit. I have been using Henna since my school days. I was just attracted to henna with its uncanny fragrance and cooling effect.

Henna has great properties and is very beneficial for hair. If used daily can make wonders to your hair. Henna – Mehndi is  a great god gift to Mankind. Mother Nature has bestowed us with real miracles which creates magic to our bodies and hair.

I know you will have many questions as to how to use henna ? How it is beneficial for your hair? How it will color my grey?

Don’t worry I will tell you everything about Henna and How to use it for your hair.

Let me share with you the Benefits of Henna first:

  1. Cooling effect – If you apply regurarly Henna to your hair your head will stay Thanda Thanda cool cool. Its great to apply during summers and has got great antiseptic properties.
  2. Stop Dandruff and other Hair problems – Henna is a great remedy for Dandruff, Irritation of scalp and itching on head. Once you use it daily. You will realise Henna Benefits on your hair.
  3. Promotes hair Growth – Henna has natural properties which will promote new hair growth and make your hair strong,  healthy, wealthy and complete.
  4. Covers Grey Hair and Curbs Greying – Regularly application of henna will completely cover your grey hair and will curb greying to a larger extent
  5. Henna On Skin – When you use henna pack on skin it will give you clean and clear glowing skin. Also Henna curbs  acne and blackheads making your skin lovely deep within.

How to make Henna face Pack?

For Henna Face Pack take Henna Powder and Mix water in it. The consistency of the pack should be fluid unlike hair pack. Add water and making it into thin paste. Apply all over face except eyebrows, eye area. Keep pack for 1 mins and wash it off. If used weekly will clear your skin and there would be no Blackheads or Acne problems. Your skin will be clear and clean.

So do make this paste and let me know how was your experiene?

Hair Coloring with Henna – Mehandi:

There is a wrong notion with people if you have grey hair than only use Henna. Its a misconception Henna is a great conditioner and can be used by everyone. So all teeny boppers and adults can use Henna to your hair for conditioning your hair.

The Basic question is how one should make Henna Pack for great color. Don’t worry I have answers to all your questions.

Basic Henna Hair Pack:

  • Good and Pure quality Herbal Henna( free of chemicals)
  • Water
  • 1/2 Lime Juice Or Vinegar Or 3 tbsp Curd ( I always use curd avoid lime and vinegar)
  • 1 egg white (optional)
  • 2 tbsp instant coffee powder
  • 2 tbsp tea Powder
  • 1 cup beetroot juice (optional)
  • Mix Herbal Powder(1tbsp Manjistha Powder+1 tbsp Bhringraj + 3 tbsp Amla Powder + 1 tbsp Shikakai Powder) is OPTIONAL

Preparation Time: 15 mins ( To be Soaked Overnight)


Firstly it is very important you select a good brand of Mehndi. The Mehndi should be olive green in color and smell nice. If the Mehndi is light green or grey in color please refrain from buying them. Its best you buy from a Rajasthani Dealer or buy it from an authentic ayurvedic shop. I buy from Ayurvedic shop mostly or buy it from shops who sell Rajasthani Mehndi.

Henna - Mehndi

Take a vessel put water and tea leaves. Ensure you keep the vessel on low fire. Once the water starts boiling. Switch off the gas and keep this mixture aside to cool down. Strain the water and discard tea leaves.

Henna - Mehndi

Once the mixture has come to room temperature. Take a Iron vessel than add tea water to it. I can’t give you the exact calculation for Henna as it will depend on the length of your hair.

Add henna and mix it with your finger tips or you can take a spoon. Keep mixing until there are no lumps. Now add the instant coffee powder, Mix Herbal Powder and as per given in the Ingredient list. Herbal Pack is optional if you wish to enhance and nourish your hair.

Henna - Mehndi

Aamla,Manjistha, Shikakai, Bhringraj Powder are easily available in any ayurvedic shop.

Henna -Mehndi

Mix everything with a spoon.

Henna - Mehndi

Its better if you use iron vessel because that will help in oxidizing. Also will give deep rich color and tint to your hair.  Keep this mixture soaked overnight or you can use in 6 hours. Reason being henna needs to get soaked properly than only will give good color to your hair.

Next day before using this pack. Add egg whites mix it well. Now add either Curd/Lime juice/Vinegar to the mixture to enhance the color. Lime and Vinegar helps in giving highlights to grey hair. However too much usage of lime may grey you hair so use curd instead of lime juice.

If you have cold or sinus related problems you add Curd(dahi) and egg whites before applying Henna Pack to your hair.

I usually apply oil to my hair for about 1 hour. Post that I apply Mehndi to my hair. I have curly dry hair hence prefer applying oil and than putting henna to my hair.

You can cover your head with a hot damp cloth after you apply henna. This will help in enriching henna color. Also apply a little oil to your forehead and skin areas near your scalp. This will help your skin not to get dried up once henna is dried on your head.

Henna mixture an application is a tedious and time consuming process. But the results are amazing. Keep this Henna Pack for about 2 to 3 hours. First rinse your hair properly and try to remove the henna with plain water. Now you can use a mild shampoo and wash your hair gently.

After shampooing your hair you can use a conditioner for colored hair or just shampoo you hair. Pat dried towel on your head and rub it gently else your hair might break. So be kind and gentle to your hair. Don’t rinse your hair twice with shampoo as this might result in henna color loss (:

Wait there is one more secret if you wanna Burgundy Hair color. I will give you free advice. Take Beetroot slice them. Now add sliced beetroot with a cup of water in grinder. Extract the juice and discard the beetroot pulp. Now add this beetroot water to your henna. This will give you beautiful burgundy color.

There is a true saying “No gain without Pain”.

You can also have a dark red color if you add Katha powder to your Henna pack. Katha looks similar to a supari but its different. Katha you will easily get at your nearby Panwala shop. Take Katha and make powder than add to you henna pack. This will give you deep dark brown henna color. Further you could also add Clove Powder for deep red color in Henna.


  • Henna can make your hair brittle and dry so keep oiling your hair. You can also apply oil before application of henna.
  • Ensure you use good quality of henna before buying them.
  • Its better you don’t use any soap or shampoo after applying henna. You can rinse your hair in plain water and use a good conditioner to remove tangles if any.
  • You can straight away apply henna pack to your hair. Rinse them after 3 hours with water only. Now apply oil when your hair is in a Semi dry state. The water will dry out leaving oil behind. Massage your hair with oil.After 1 hour of Oil application rinse your hair with mild shampoo.
  • Also note henna color will darken on your hair the next day post application. Its miraculous darkening is after 1 day because its mother nature right!

Also note you can make your shampoo mild. Just take few drops of shampoo in your jug add double the volume in it. Now shake it until frothy and use it. This is simple but very good as your shampoo will be mild and gentle on your precious hair.

Do try all these and let me know your feedback for sure!


  1. Nisha says

    Hi. Great tips. I wondered if you know anything about herbal hair packs sold in the shops these days. The mixture contains henna, amla, neem, etc and advised to leave on 30 min for hair conditioning or 3 hours for conditioning & colour. I have the anherb hair pack as well as synaa. I haven’t tried it for fear of the colour it might impart so do you think it would be safe to add stuff like tea water & coffee that you recommend to give darker shade?

  2. Mickey says

    Hi Maria, thanks for this post , I have been looking for some answers regarding henna and I was hoping could help me on this 😊
    I use henna once a month or once in 2 months to cover my grey hair. Please can u advice me how I can not get orange color on my grey hair. I only add beet root mix in the henna, sometimes I add curd too. Also henna dries my hair after few days. My natural hair color is brown. I would either like to get dark brown or burgundy color but not orangish.
    Awaiting for your response.
    Thanks Mickey

    • says

      Mickey you could add little coffee powder with beetroot juice. Apply little oil then mask with henna as this would help in reducing dryness. May be this help’s you.

  3. Debbie says


    You have written a very nice article. Thanks for that!
    I have a question. I do have grey hair but my target is to give burgundy color now as per your article I should use henna + beet juice and keep it in iron vessel overnight or 6 hrs. I would like to know that apart from this do i have to add tea concoction and coffee powder for burgundy hair color.

    FYI i intend to mix curd at the time of application.

    I am using shahnaz henna (if you want to something better then do let me know)

    Pls do let me know the complete list of mixture i should put for burgundy color.

    • says

      Debbie you could try first adding beet juice and see if not yielding desired result. Then try adding coffee powder and see. Use vlcc henna color, organic henna if possible any henna which is pure. Hope this help’s you.

    • says

      Rajkumari Amla are Indian Gooseberry and shikakai are called as acacia concinna and bhringraj as cclipta prostrata. Hop this help’s you.

  4. asma says

    Hello! I am allergic to any types of hair dye. So please tell me how to get black color using henna for grey hair in this method.

    • says

      Asma henna could never produce black color so try using organic indigo color. Henna could only give brown or red color. Hope this help’s you.

  5. Alexandra says

    Hi Maria,

    I have very dry hair. I tried to apply coconut oil and then apply henna without washing the oil.
    I rinsed henna with vinegar mixed with water instead of shampoo.
    Am I doing it right?
    Can i add indigo to the henna mixture as well? since coffee recommended is not working well on my grey hair. Thank you for your help.

    • says

      I am not too sure about henna mixed with vinegar for washing hair. Secondly haven’t tried using indigo powder so unable to comment on the same. Also boiling potato peels in water fro 5-7 mins and applying that water helps in darkening the hair color. Thirdly gently massaging your hair with almond or coconut oil would help to reduce dryness. Hope this help’s you.

    • Alexandra says


      Thank you about the tip with potatoes skins! I will try it.
      Coconut oil really helps to avoid dryness .

      I used henna since my teens. I always liked it because it is natural, but I experienced dryness .

      I really appreciate your advise. It saved my hair.


  6. sankita says

    Hlo mam I am having lots of grey hair nd my age is only 19. I want to turn my grey hair to dark brown colour permanently…how can I do this

  7. renuka says

    Hi Maria…

    I am a keralite, we take head bath daily applying oil and we don’t wash off the oil( do not use shampoo) only once in two weeks we go for shampoo. With this oily hair can i apply henna. because whenever i apply henna the before day i take shampoo bath and then next day i apply hennai and then again wash hair with shampoo. can you suggest on this.

    • says

      Yes Renuka you could apply henna on oily hair but ensure hair isn’t too oily or the henna might slide from your hair and droop down. Hope this help’s you.

  8. Ashish says

    Hi Maria,

    I am using shahnaz hussain colour veda on my hair for past one year. I have noticed that my ear lobes and face have darkened a bit. Is this possible that the plant based herbal dye is penetrating the skin as I apply once a week. What natural remedy exists to get my face and ear back to its original shade. Thanks.

    • says

      Try applying vaseline before you apply henna or herbal dye this would curb in coloring the skin. Try mixing 1 tbsp sugar with 1 tsp honey scrub on your skin. Hope this help’s you.

  9. Pratibha says

    Hi maria, am using artificial coloring (black) for 5 years more. Can I use this method for my hair? Please reply.

  10. Umisma says

    Hi, I have dark brown hair and a lot of grey hair in the front of my head. I would like to cover the grey naturally. How can I dye my hair to a light brown shade while covering grey hair? Thank you so much for your time and help!

    • Veronica says

      I do the henna, then I apply indigo powder. Indigo powder is mixed with water and salt, and applied after henna, colors my gray hair dark brown.

  11. Beejal says

    Hi can u tell me the brand of organic henna u get from amazon. This is the india website right. Also is nupur mehndi good. My main problem is I get very dry hair with mehndi despite oiling regularly. Will adding coconut oil solve this. How much should I add.
    Thanks so much

    • says

      Beejal I am an Indian blogger so is the blog. I order for Lawsons Organic Henna from amazon.in. I am not sure about Nupur henna as have never used. Henna should always be light green or olive green in color. Just mix some coconut milk in your henna along with coffee powder for color. Soak henna 4-5 hours apply for 2 -3 hrs then rinse with water. The coconut milk should not make your hair dry. Hope this helps you.

  12. Lekshmi says

    Hey Maria.
    Great article dear. Loved it!!!
    I am going to try this for sure..
    Before that I have few queries,if you could please solve them..

    1) My mom has been applying mehndi since few years, but she always applies oil after washing of the mehndi and she keeps the oil for like 24-32 hrs, but u have even suggested applying oil before applying mehndi..
    I have long wavy hair,dry in texture and recently have hairfall.. So what would u recommend?

    2) if I want burgundy colour, should the beetroot juice be mixed when leaving the mehndi overnight to soak or should it be mixed like white egg before applying mehndi??

    3) and if I use beetroot can I mix egg too and then how would the oiling be?

    4) I am from Mumbai. Could u plz suggest some good Rajasthani dealer or best if you could give me the number of any good Rajasthani dealer?

    PS- sorry for such a long msg and about the number you could mail the dealers number, however u feel convenient
    Hope you help..
    Thank you.

    • says

      Lakshmi you could add coconut milk to your mehndi while soaking. This would help your hair not to get dry. Also just rinse your hair with plain water. Oil if you wish and then wash. Add some amla powder, hibiscus powder along henna. For dark color you could boil 2 tbsp. tea powder with 1 cup water on medium heat until they bubble. Allow to cool then mix with henna, coffee powder and soak over-night.

      You could also try mixing beetroot juice for a dark red color. I have no idea about egg as I don’t use them for my hair.

      I order organic henna from amazon.in you could order from there if you wish to. Hope this help’s you.

  13. shamili says

    hi .. i have prepared the hennapack for hair before 2 weeks . i forgot that kept it in fridge for so long. is it good now to apply in my hair? help me out to find the solution.

  14. pooh says

    Hello, I have hazel coloured hair . if i apply Singh henna mehendi will my hair colour change and if yes
    Which colour will it become?
    I don’t want red colour hair .please help

    • says

      Pooja I am not sure what color your hair would produce post applying henna. So if your hair is already got such nice color then why to experiment. Hope this helps you.

  15. Dayanand says

    Hi Maria,
    I would like to appreciate ur efforts and patience. You are still responding to the ppl queries for the post which was posted in 2011. Thanks a lot :)

    I am 25, I have black hairs. I wanna apply Henna for its various vendors but I don’t wanna change my hair color to brown. Pls suggest me how to prepare and apply Henna pack to keep for black hairs.

    Best wishes,

    • says

      Dayanand henna would only produce dark brown or deep red color but not black color. Hope this help’s you :) and thankyou for your kind words.

      • Dayanand says

        It should be for its various BENEFITS

        Thanks Maria. And one more query..
        Is der any natural way to straighten curly hairs?? My hair gets curly after certain length which I don’t like :( Pls suggest me if there is any natural remedy.

        Thanks in advance :)

          • Dayanand says

            Thanks Maria :) One last question..

            Is it good for hairs to apply whole egg “EVERYDAY” and wash without shampoo?

            PS: I wash my hairs with shampoo once in a week.

          • Dayanand says

            Hi Maria,

            Is it good for hairs if I apply whole egg “EVERYDAY” and wash without shampoo?
            PS: I wash my hairs with shampoo once in a week. TIA.

  16. gagan arora says

    Hi, marya i have grey hairs,but after applying heena it turns in red color, is there any way to make it black.

  17. ritu mehrotra says

    Hi maria
    My age is 47.ihave grey hairs .now iuse henna.imix amla tea leaves water,katha,
    And coffee powder .Is it ok or u suggest some

  18. nikesh says

    Hello Maria Mam..My age is 19 years and I am getting a lot of gray Hairs. What should I do ? Please Help..

    • says

      Nikesh please check with the Doctor as hair greying causes due to many factors like lack of vitamins, lack of sleep, exertion, genetic factors etc.

  19. punitha says

    Hi.my age is 23..but I have lot of gray her…I have use in lorial hair color …but not use…I want black hair..

  20. sara says

    i have been applying henna for 2 years now, but never get a darkest shade on my hair. i have considerable amount of grays. i have tried all these things of applying with beet , coffee, curd, iron vessel etc before but nothing really works. my henna is also a good quality one. whn i add these suppliments it just reduces the darkness of henna making my grays more visible.

    howver have never tried amla, shikakai mix with henna. do they give a dark shade?
    please suggest

  21. anonymous says

    hey maria,
    if u add beetroot paste which is cooked in a pressure cooker and smashed , will it give the same burgundy effect, and would appyling oil before and after henna reduce the colour effect on the hair?

    • says

      Anila applying little oil to scalp and then applying henna won’t impact. But if you apply oil and wash your hair then it might loose color. Hope this helps you.

      • Ruchi says

        Hi Maria..nice article I must say..actually I have 50% white hair roots..and my age is only 25 ..I want to colour my white hair into dark brown shade ..please tell me how can I do this with henna..is coffee powder or other ingredients you told in your article give the same result as I want.

        • says

          Ruchi use a good brand henna secondly you could use beetroot juice, coffee powder for dark red coloring. For dark brown shade use coffee powder and tea water. Hope this help’s you.

  22. says

    Hi Maria I’m Maria Dias and I would like to know if its possible to mix henna in some oils and use it daily or as any hair treatment like hot oil treatment etc

    • says

      Maria I am not sure about henna treatment with hair oils but you could mix 1 tbsp coconut oil or olive oil with soaked henna. Ratanjyot herb is very good for hair so get this herb from the ayruvedic shop or you even get them online. Mix ratanjyot with coconut oil over-night the oil would change color to red. Apply this as it’s very good for strengthening hair and curbs hairfall. You could also make curry leaf oil. However please consult a hair or skin specialist for any kind of treatment. Hope this help you :)

  23. Priya says

    I have black hair.. i actually applied beets juice wit lemon once bt i dint get any drastic change in my hair.. i need light brown hair. Will henna and beets juice ll help me to get tat colour???

  24. Anne Lourdes says

    Hi Maria,

    I read all the comments about using Henna. I need your help to get the right kind as mine is a no name brand from a Iranian grocery shop and it comes in a cloth sack with nothing written. If you can advise me where to purchase a good quality Henna and also where do I purchase Indigo for a darker shade.

    • Nat says


      Henna Sooq online shop has a variety of quality hennas and Ayurvedic products. I have purchased several products from her store and satisfied with all. Hope this helps. Here is the link to the website:

  25. krishnaveni says

    Hi.im 33 yrs old .I hve alot of grey hair.air.im using henna frm along time but im getting a red color but it is not lookingggood.but I want alittle bit of blacish red colour is that possibke with henna.pls tell me

  26. Aisha patel says

    hyy…..i m 14 years old……can i still apply henna on my hair……will it do any harm to my hair…..i have seen many people saying dat childrens shud nt apply heena on hair…..is it correct…..??

  27. jifsina says

    Hello Maria
    I have got jet black hair. i would like to color it burgundy shade using henna .. do u think this beetroot henna recipe will color my jet black into burgundy ??

  28. Recipesforacidreflux.com says

    Hello it’s me, I am also visiting this website regularly,
    this website is in fact pleasant and the viewers are in fact sharing pleasant

    • says

      Priyanka please apply castor oil mixed with coconut oil. Condition your hair protect from sun if it’s still dry please check with the doctor.

    • says

      Ishita please oil your hair with castor oil mixed with almond oil, sleep well, eat almonds have amla juice. If still hair fall persist then check with the doctor. Hope this helps.

  29. D says

    Hello there.. thanks for all the details. Have a question. When adding beetroot juice.. when do you add it? The prior night when you are adding everything and keeping it to set or the next day just before applying when you add curd and egg white?

  30. lakshmi says

    My hairs are already red so when i apply mehandi it will become more red……I like to have a black hairs…..what is the procedure to get black hairs by using mehandi

  31. jarjeena says

    i have dry hair and it falls a lot. Does henna helps in curing it. And how often can i use henna, does it have side effects?

  32. Sudha says

    Can you suggest any parlour that applies henna for the hair in mumbai suburbs. Will appreciate your reply on this matter.

  33. risha says

    hi, I am using heena on my hair I have some greys , I want dark brown colour on my hair with heena powder ,suggest me,lots of love and hugs……

  34. sri says

    Hi maria,
    I have a few white hair.I am using henna.I have a small doubt. If i apply henna, only the white hair turns dark(brown) or even the black hair also turns brown.

    I want only the white hair turn brown. Please tell me the recipe for that(if any?)

  35. sushmita says

    Hello maria,
    I have been using curd and mustard oil with henna paste n it was always just fine fr my hair…
    But this is the first time that I have added 2 drops of ACV and 1 spoon of coconut oil(pure from my granny’s house , they have coconut trees)
    And I used to form the paste using water but this time I used green tea ….
    Can you help me tell which thing I did right or wrong and at color wud I get out of it…

  36. Maryam says

    Hello Maria,
    How long will the colour of the mehndi stay in my hair and will washing the hair effect the colour changing in terms of fading
    Thanks ..please reply x

  37. Yogita says

    I have oily hair. If I apply oil or add oil (mustard oil) to my henna, my hair falling increases. Any advice on what to do in this situation?

  38. Chetna says

    Hi .. I wanna knw dat Hw cn v get brown colour or any other colour except burgundy from mehendi . I don’t like brgandy colour

  39. amy says

    Hi Maria
    This is the first time I m writing you. I have read somewhere that I can mix (coconut/olive)oil in my mehndi paste instead of applying directly on hair. Is this right? N when I must shampoo my hair after Heena pack?hair become dry after washing heena

    • says

      Amy you could apply oil to your hair then apply henna or mix with the paste too. First just rinse your hair with henna then oil it and wash next day. If your hair is getting too dry then try applying a good conditioner. Hope this helps you.

  40. tejaswini says

    Hi maria, if I am soaking 250 gms henna then how much quantity of herbal powders do i add.how much of manjistha ,bhringaraj,alma,shikakai powder do I add.how much curd do I add,how much coffee and tea and beetroot juice.pls do let me knew all the proportions for that much quantity henna

    • says

      Tejaswini add 1 tbsp of each and amla add 2 tbsp, First add coffee powder and water to make a thick paste. Soak overnight the before applying henna add beetroot juice or curd anyone. Hope this helps just ensure you don’t make the paste too thin.

  41. Roshni Bhosle says


    You told some one ”In that case don’t apply henna as it might change you hair color. Hope this helps.”But i want to change the colour becz yesturday was i highlight on my hair but this is very dark like golden , And dont want to this .then can i used

  42. Roshni Bhosle says


    Yesterday was am coloring on my Hair that is Strex Hair color brown .But now this looking very dark like golden type and now i don’t want it , Then can i apply Heena Mehandi on my Hair ,after that my hair clr is change like red type .and also confirm if am applying heena then there is no side effects right

    Pls help me

  43. yamini says

    i want apply this my daughter she is 6 years old i don’t want color only i want her hair silky and long what i will use her hair tell me ………..

  44. Anindita says


    Is VLCC henna or Shahnaz Husain henna good enough? I do not know of any Ayurvedic shops from where to buy henna:(
    Please advise.


  45. sneha says

    i have lot of white hairs i would like apply henna to get black hairs or dark brown i dont want red color can u help me by giving some tips

    • Subrata says

      Dear madam, i am 25 years old boy, my hair is being white day by day,, please suggest me how can i stop it and i will get back my black haier.

  46. Adelene Tirkey says

    I have recently got highlights and red streaks how wil mehendi work on my hair.Wht mixture wud give me a great luk i hv brown skin tone. Kindly comment

  47. aishwarya das says

    i don’t want to change my hair colour… but want to moisturised my hair with henna…. so does it effect my hair colour a lot if i use henna????….

  48. nivi says

    if i apply mehndi on hair within 1 month of 1st applicatin of mehndi…….it will affect my hair??? it wil cause to hair fall??

    • says

      Nivi if you oil your hair you shouldn’t have hair fall however if your hair is on the dry side the henna could make them more dry and brittle. So apply oil before applying henna hope this helps you.

  49. Smita says

    Hi Maria,

    Great to see the tips from your end regarding mehendi application.Just wanted to check if we can apply oil the very next day of henna application.


    • says

      Yes you could apply olive oil but wash them with diluted shampoo else the color of henna would wash out from your hair. You are welcome.

  50. amar says

    Hi Maria..
    you told to take few drops of shampoo in jug add double the volume in it..
    my question is what is to be added..water..???

  51. amar says

    Hi Maria…
    can i apply mehndi mixture everyday on my face..
    as my skin is not even..
    so if it can be happen..
    plz help me out..
    i applied last day and i feel good..
    but if it is effective so suggest me if i can apply everyday on face…
    is there any other thing for dark circles..???

  52. amar says

    hi Maria..
    i want to know how much time i have to kept heena mixture for face..
    and how long i have to kept on my face..
    do i put anything in that mixture…

    • says

      Don’t use all together use katha powder first then while applying add beetroot juice… clove powder is optional. You could skip adding cloves.

  53. Ju says

    Hi Maria,
    Could you tell me how to get a black tinge with henna to blacken the grey hairs..
    Also what is the recipie if i want to apply the henna instantly .. WOuld the color not be dark?

    Thank You In Advance

    • says

      Henna takes a while to gets soaked hence cannot be applied instantly. Henna can give dark brown Or red color but black tinge isn’t possible. Hope this helps you.

  54. Karolina says


    There is one thing i would like to ask you. I have been using Royal Henna (mehendi) to dye my hair black, but my natural hair colour is blond.
    So now i am tired of having black hair and i want to go back to my original hair colour meaning i will have to bleach my hair with bleach.
    However, i have read all over the internet that your hair will turn green or it will fall out due to a chemical reaction.
    Please advise me what to do? and is the myths true?

    Thank You.
    Hope you have a good day.

    • maria says

      Karolina I have no clue about Royal henna brand (: and also about discoloration of hair it will be better if you consult a skin and hair specialist. I am sorry won’t be able to assist you on this question.

    • maria says

      Karolina I have no clue about Royal henna brand (: and also about discoloration of hair it will be better if you consult a skin and hair specialist. I am sorry won’t be able to assist you on this question.

  55. ishwari patil says

    hi, nice information. i have some questions about actual coloring procedure. actually heena particles gets embeeded in outermost layer of shaft that is cuticle. and due to that hair cuticle get damaged and final result is breakage of hair. i have confusion in my mind. is this true?????????? pl expiain.

    • maria says

      Ishwari I have been using henna from my teenage I never had any such problems add oil before applying henna and try some time applying henna if it gives you problems stop applying. Also use of proper conditioner will make your hair soft.

  56. P S says

    I have two questions
    Can you just make henna paste with herbal henna (Nupur), amal powder and beet juice to get dark burgandy color on your grey hair ?
    Can you use henna on hair that is previously colored with boxed chemical dyes?

    • maria says

      I don’t know about branded henna as I use only the henna which is available in ayurvedic shop. Also I don’t know if henna will color on dyed hair I am sorry it will be better if you consult a beautician.

    • maria says

      Thanks for coming here I don’t know about branded henna as I use henna from ayurvedic shop also about henna coloring on dyed hair I have no idea. It will be better if you consult a beautician thanks .

  57. sultana says


    A verrrrrrrrrrryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy big thanks to you for providing henna receipe for hair. I will try. i have one query can you plz let me know how many times should henna apply for hair in a month. means once in a month (or) twice in a month (or) thrice in a month.

    Waiting for your reply.

  58. anita says

    Pls let me know when to add Beetroot juice.Should it be soaked with henna or add them just before applying?also when to add egg white?

    • maria says

      You could add beetroot juice while soaking henna also egg whites are optional you could mix egg whites Or curd in henna just before applying to your hair. Hope this helps :)

  59. flax12 says

    Very nice and complete info about henna.
    You mentioned that is better to mix “curd” than lime or lemon with the henna. I wonder if that curd is the same like that part of milk that coagulates when the milk sours or is treated with enzymes?

    • maria says

      Thanks Felinus :) curd is also known as yogurt yeah mostly its sour milk tarns-formed into yogurt! hope this helps you.

  60. K says

    Hey hie.. I have a simple doubt.. ‘m planning to apply henna for the fist time as i got few strands of hair which are grey in color and want them to turn black!! the point is very simple.. I do not want to change the color of my hair.. just that i want black hair!!! so is applying henna going to help?? i have read an article that henna and indigo are to be applied to obtain black hair!! is it so?? or will henna alone solve my problem??
    thnx in advance for the reply :)

    • maria says

      Hi Kalyani Henna will give deep red color if mixed with beetroot juice Or 1 tbsp clove powder. I have no idea about Indigo. Hope this helps you :)

    • Eresha says

      How do you mix henna and indigo for your hair? First, mix your henna.
      o Mix henna with enough lemon juice to make a paste as thick as mashed potatoes. If your skin is sensitive to lemon and is itchy after using henna, use orange juice, grapefruit juice, or some liquid less acidic than lemon juice.

      o Cover your henna with plastic wrap and let it sit overnight at room temperature, 70 F or 21 C. As your henna rests, it will release dye. The dye must be released from the plant leaf so it can migrate into your hair. This slow, acidic release will get you the best results. If you’re in a hurry, put it in a warm place, but not a hot place! Your henna will be ready in two hours at 95F or 35C.

      o When you’re ready to dye your hair, mix the indigo, put your indigo powder into a bowl. Stir enough water into the indigo to make a paste as thick as mashed potatoes.

      o Mix the henna paste and indigo paste together. Add some water or fragrant tea or other herbs to make it as thick as stirred-up yoghurt.Indigo has to be used immediately. Do not wait for dye release. Mix your indigo with water just before you’re ready to use it. Do not add lemon juice to indigo. Just use water.

      o Comb clean, dry hair and section it. You can use squeeze bags or squeeze bottles to apply the henna/indigo mix, but you can also smear it in by hand.

      o Wrap your hair in plastic and clean off your ears and hairline. Keep the mix on your hair a few hours.

      To make a medium brunette color mix equal amounts of henna and indigo. You can make a warm brunette color by mixing 2/3 henna and 1/3 indigo. You can make a dark brunette color, by mixing 1/3 henna and 2/3 indigo.

      Hope this helps:)

  61. Khurshid says

    Dear Maria,

    I have a great hair fall problem, please advice me what to do, applying heena will solve my problem.

    • maria says

      Khurshid henna is for conditioning and coloring. You could use castor oil mixed with coconut oil and apply to you hair. Best would be to consult a doctor as hair fall can be caused to various reasons.

  62. pallavi lokhande says

    hey hiee dear,
    actually i hv sm doubts ….today i brought heena black mehndi n mixd it wid simple cold water n lemon n curd bt at d tme of dis mix.it produces very hot fumes lyk acids fumes..so wnt to knw dat sholud i still use it for dyng or nt??n wat abt dat fumes its genral or cuz of sm mistakes it produced…plz reply soon..

    • maria says

      Pallavi I don’t know anything about Black Mehndi I have written only about Green Mehndi. Also the fumes and acids please avoid applying else it appears to be a chemical reaction. Please check with the Doctor before applying this.

  63. poonam says

    hi maria

    i m 26 n i have hell lot of grey hair. i have been applying henna for about 10 yrs now…. i apply it every month… i have light brown-black hair too.my hair turns orangish (esp where thr r more greys)…… i will try ur way soon…… which z good for grey hair, lime or curd??? n can i add clove or make it into a paste and add???/
    ne other suggestion regarding hiding grey….vl be highly obliged.

    • maria says

      Poonam you could use clove powder grind cloves into processor and make powder. Also curs is better than lime. Use soaked methi seed and make their paste use hibiscus flower paste for hair pack for curbing grey hair. Hope this helps you :)

  64. says

    Hi Maria,
    Your henna recipe for hair seems to be very interesting esp. clove powder. I can’t wiat to try it on my hair. Applying oil before henna paste on hair sounds new to me ‘cos here in Singapore, hair salons don’t practise that. The hairdressers’ advice to us is by doing so, the henna will not stick to hair and it serve no purpose. Your advice, please on the above. Thank you. Pathma

  65. Indrani Kapoor says

    Hi maria,

    You advise to oil the hair before applying henna. But if I want a rich colour, will oiling not prevent henna from rich colouring?

    • maria says

      Thanks Indrani :) I always put oil as I have dry hair. You could apply henna directly if you wish. With oil also it gives nice color :)

  66. Deepak Patel,Gujarat,India says

    Hi, Superb information given about how to use or apply mehndi(heena). I use mehndi (Heena) 10 yrs ago.During this 10yrs.i applied four times. By use of heena hair become Too much Dry .Mehndi is hiding only white hair..but according to my opinion mehndi is better then Hair color.Mehndi has no side effect on eye and skin..strictly apply oil on hair before apply mehndi.in oily hair mehndi can’t give you more color on hair.. Thanks

  67. Ilene says

    Hi Maria:

    Thanks for your website. I am now allergic to chemical hair dye so I did some research on using henna instead. I got some body art quality henna and mixed it with tea, coffee, and beetroot juice. However, since I have a lot of gray hair, the coverage was not good at all. The gray hairs became an orangeish-red color. Do you have any suggestions for me? I would appreciate it very much. Thank you!

    • maria says

      Hi Ilene you could add some clove powder to it which helps in giving rich dark color. Mix some curd to the henna just before applying to hair. Oil you hair before applying henna. Try using mild shampoo for washing hair. Also using aloevera pulp to your scalp will reduce your greying hair. Have lot of almonds daily also amla juice is good for hair. Hope this helps if its not giving you satisfactory result please consult a doctor Or hair specialist.

  68. janet says

    Hi Maria…Just wanted to say thank you so very much regarding henna for my hair,it completely covered my grey and gave me beautiful high as the same time,just one question.Do you think it would be too much to do the henna evey other week since it so good for the hair.

    • maria says

      Janet I am not sure about the time gaps as some say it should be applied after 30 days. The reason could be as henna tends to make hair dry. if you put every week it would be at your own risk so regular oiling, add curd in henna might help.

  69. kusum says

    i ried henna for a couple of times and my grey hair turned out to be red and these grey hair turned out to be red can be seen very prominently..is there any way that i can make my hair to my natural color like deep brown or something like that? I greatly appreciate your response.and can you pls tell me the intervals between henna applications.

    • maria says

      Kusum I am not sure about the gaps as guess it should be 30 days atleast. Deep brown color not sure which ingredient will help. But adding lots of yogurt before applying henna may help in highlights. Also have mentioned in the post for highlights. Hope this helps you :)

  70. Subha S says

    Hi mam,
    Nice to see your valuable info about henna…….
    how many days gap will have to apply henna for hair?
    can you………

    • maria says

      Subha I am not sure about this but I guess atleast a month gap is required. But you can confirm with a beautician as it depends on hair type. thanks

  71. janet says

    Hi Maria
    I have grey hair and woud like to obtain the highlights what do I use to bring it our even more

    • maria says

      Janet I have described in the post how to get highlights. Also you could add some clove powder and curd for dark red color. Good Luck have a crowning glory!

    • maria says

      Xyba start oiling your hair every week also henna can be applied with curd and wash off in an hour’s time. As the longer you keep henna it will dry and make your hair brittle. So just apply henna once a month..

  72. says

    Hi Maria,

    I am not sure if my previous msg reached you so re-posting my msg :)

    I am really glad to find one good recipe to start with henna. Thank you for the post. Will have to try soon. But, I still have few questions. Please please do let know for sure :)

    1. I do not have any iron vessel other than aluminum and steel ones. Can I use a aluminum one?
    2. I dont want to change the color of my hair. I have black medium curly hair. How do I retain the black color after using henna?
    3. I have increased hair-fall these days.. do you any tips for this?
    4. I use hair straightener occasionally. Will that do any harm to my hair or decrease the henna’s affect?

    will wait for your reply :)

    • maria says

      Thanks Kavitha for coming here :)

      1) You could use a steel vessel but iron vessel yields better results.
      2) If your hair is jet black henna will just give a red tinge color but if you have greys then it will give dark red color if you follow the instructions mentioned.
      3)Hair fall has a lot of reason try oiling your hair with castor+ coconut oil.Sleep well don’t take stress. Avoid harsh chemical shampoos use mild shampoos. Eat lots of green leafy vegetables, almonds and loads of water. Hope this helps you.
      4) You could use hair straightener but once in 4 months is fine. Straightener Or blow dryers always harm as it provides artificial heat so the lesser we use the better for us.


  73. Mrs. S says

    Dear Maria

    Thanks for sharing your tips.

    I’m planning to follow your instructions for henna application. Yesterday, I purchased Indian and Yemeni Henna powder. Planning to mix a little of both. I checked for iron utensils but I believe I don’t have any, all of them seem to be either aluminium or stainless steel, and teflon-coated ones. Before I apply henna, I would love your advice regarding what ingredients to add or avoid from the list above with regards to my hair type.

    I possess dry and weak hair, and that has been splitting and falling more than usual since the last month or two. I also have a very mild dandruff condition throughout. I would apperciate your advice asap especially with regards to ingredients like curd, egg and coffee powder or if anything else need to be added.

    Mrs. S

    • maria says

      Thanks Mrs S however henna application will further dry your hair and make them brittle. You can try applying henna with curd but please seek help from Doctor.

    • maria says

      Hi Alisha,

      Henna color doesn’t comes out easily. Only after several hair wash with shampoo it will go away. So be patient!

  74. Hussaina says

    Hi Maria,
    its really nice tips i’ll surely try it…. Can i take Brite henna mehendi instead of heena???

  75. Vidya says

    Hi Maria, I applied the henna hair pack you had given and I’m very happy with the results. My hair has become beautiful and more thick. I’m eager to try out your honey face pack soon. Thanks once again. Please keep me updated with your suggestions.

    • maria says

      You are welcome Vidya :) I am glad you got better results. I will keep you posted! take care have a nice weekend.

  76. anindita says

    Thanks Maria. But many years ago I had tried Johnson’s Baby shampoo…it made my hair horribly dry. I am too old rather my hair is too old for it to work, huh:) So…I think I should stick to Dove or..what else do you suggest? I am 43!!

    • maria says

      Anindita I am not sure about Dove as I don’t use it but you could use any mild shampoo of goof brand and dilute shampoo in water before applying.

    • maria says

      Hi Anindita,

      I am not sure about Dove but Johnson Baby shampoo is a mild shampoo :) ………………..


  77. Anindita says

    Hi Maria, I followed this recipe today:

    Hi Maria, If I crush thinly sliced beetroot, squeeze out the juice and add it to henna powder + plus water in an iron bowl and leave this mixture overnight, and then apply it in my hair and scalp for one hour next morning, will I get a burgundy hair color instead of orange?

    Kindly advise.

    But my hair is still orange:( Please suggest recipe for BURGUNDY HAIR.


    • maria says

      Hi Anindita,

      I will advise you to use curd instead of lime as lime tends to make hair further grey. Also don’t slice the beet root chope them into small cubes and put in the processor with some water. Mix this water with henna powder. Add 2 tbsp instant coffee powder + 2 tbsp clove powder. Leave overnight into iron bowl. Put 2 tbsp curd before applying to your hair. Apply next day leave for 2 hours and rinse with a mild shampoo else your hair will get orange again. Apply some oil to your hair before putting henna. If this is not helping yout then you try the other one.

      Boil 3 tbsp tea leaves with 3 cup water. Place on low heat. Once its starts bubbling. Strain the tea. Allow the water to cool down. Once it cools down mix henna, amla whatever you wanna add. Add 2 tbsp instant coffee powder to it. rest you can follow the insructions mentioned on my blog…take care.


    • maria says

      Hi Anindita,

      I will advise you to use curd instead of lime as lime tends to make hair further grey. Also don’t slice the beet root chope them into small cubes and put in the processor with some water. Mix this water with henna powder. Add 2 tbsp instant coffee powder + 2 tbsp clove powder. Leave overnight into iron bowl. Put 2 tbsp curd before applying to your hair. Apply next day leave for 2 hours and rinse with a mild shampoo else your hair will get orange again. Apply some oil to your hair before putting henna. If this is not helping yout then you try the other one.

      Boil 3 tbsp tea leaves with 3 cup water. Place on low heat. Once its starts bubbling. Strain the tea. Allow the water to cool down. Once it cools down mix henna, amla whatever you wanna add. Add 2 tbsp instant coffee powder to it. rest you can follow the insructions mentioned on my blog…take care.


  78. Anindita says

    Hi Maria, If I crush thinly sliced beetroot, squeeze out the juice and add it to henna powder + plus water in an iron bowl and leave this mixture overnight, and then apply it in my hair and scalp for one hour next morning, will I get a burgundy hair color instead of orange?

    Kindly advise.

    • maria says

      Thanks Anindita for visiting here :) My advise would be do all except putting lime juice add little dahi to the henna mixture just before applying to your hair. Also grate the beetroot Or make its puree otherwise juice won’t come out easily. Leave on you hair for atleast 2 hours and then wash. Ensure you just wash once with shampoo and then rinse with conditioner else henna will start losing it’s color and start becoming orange. Hope this helps you regular application will make it red in color.

    • maria says

      Hey Georgia keep them for 4 to 5 hours Or overnight then apply to your hair. Keep on your hair for 2 hours then wash.

  79. Ash says


    I got grey hairs here and there and it just started. Does this help me to stop the hair greying. Is there any tip to get black shade instead of red and orange.


    • maria says

      Hi Ashu,

      Henna curbs greying Try using castor oil with coconut oil. Keep it for 1 hour then wash. Also aloevera pulp if applied on hair scalp curbs greying. Try eating almonds, sesame seeds, nuts to increase your vitamin. Also sleep well eat well and take less stress. Black shade is difficult to get in henna. However it can give you deep burgundy and rich red color. Try the method given in the post. Also boil beetroot grind into processor with water. Soak henna in this water and add little curd. This will give you deep red color. Also clove powder gives red color. DO conduct a patch test before experimenting what I just shared with you. Good luck and have beautiful lustrous hair.


  80. Mamatha says

    Hi maria,

    Thank you for your suggestion. I will try the henna paste and let you know the result. Once again thank you very much.

  81. Mamatha says

    Hai Maria,

    I read about your henna hair pack. I want to try this. You have mentioned that, manjista powder to be mix with the paste but this powder, as I know, is used for the skin problem in the form of decoction. will this not effect to the hair? and tell me how this benefits to the hair? Please clarify me.

    • maria says

      Hi Mamatha,

      Manjishta is good for increasing iron content hence for the hair. You could always skip it if you don’t wish to add. Have great hair :)


  82. madhurya says

    hi maria,

    im 20 years old and my hair is ‘thick and jet black’, but i have dandruff and my hair tends to split easily. so i just wanted to know if i have to mix coffee powder and tea powder in the pack??, will it suit my hair??…

    • maria says

      Hi Madhurya,

      You could soak methiseeds in water overnight. Grind to a paste next day. Mix methi paste along with 2 eggs and combine with soaked henna. Don’t add tea coffee powder instead add beetroot juice. Have a lovely beautiful crowning glory.


  83. neha says

    hi maria, i tried henna recipe and the result is very good. i also added beatroot juice before applying got burgandi tint .thanks a lot.

  84. neha says

    hi maria;

    i want to know whether i should use same measurment of herbal powder mentioned in the recipe[ henna hair pack ] for hundred gms of henna powder.

  85. myrtle says

    hi Dear,
    I quite don’t underdstand applying heena on face. Will not become colored or stain,
    as u know it stain n it’s quite difficult to remove. Just for 1 min will not stain is it true…
    Pls reply.

    • maria says

      Hi Myrtle,

      When I say Henna on face I mean Henna Pack. Just mix henna with some multani mitti (fullers earth). Apply this pack for 5 to 7 mins. Don’t keep for a long time. Also alternatively you could just apply henna pack on acnes, pimples and was out after 5 mins. This will not give color to your skin.


  86. Sami says

    You have described everything so nicely.
    It really helped
    i am doing heena treatment myself after a long long time, your tips helped me catch up with my long ago left routine.
    I love heena.
    Thanks a lot

    • maria says

      Hey Sami,

      Thanks a ton! yeah Henna is a good resource for hair. DO try them and lemme know if it helped you.


  87. Kats says

    Thanks, Maria.

    I had oiled my hair and then applied the mehendi pack. I didn’t leave it on for 2-3 hours, but for only 45 minutes. It didn’t cover my greys.
    It was my first time and I was a little apprehensive seeing the dark color on my hands. I wanted my greys to be covered, but didn’t want my hair to turn orange like few people I see (why does this happen?). :-) Silly me, but I have no experience. :-)
    If I apply oil and then apply and leave the mehendi pack for 2-3 hours, will it cover my grey hairs? Will my hair get highlights? Please advise. Thanks!

    • maria says

      Hi Kats,

      I know the orangish color …actually all hair color is different. If you have lots of grey it tends to give orange color. However if you use good quality mehndi and soak in iron vessel. The mehndi would get nicely oxidised and give a deep red color. Also if you need more richer deep red color add clove powder Or katha powder to your mehndi. Also as I have described in the post follow that. For highlights just 5 to 10 mins before applying mehndi add 1 lime juice, 2 tbsp curd this will give you highlights. I don’t have grey so this doesn’t highlight my hair. However if your hair is light brown Or grey your hair will get the highlights. best of luck and keep me posted. Try to keep mehndi for a longer time for better color.


  88. Kats says

    Hi Maria,
    I applied Mehendi for the first time using your recipe and I’m very happy with the results. Thanks!
    Please let me what should be time gap to apply this pack.

    • maria says

      Hey Kats,

      Great you are the first one to reply on this! I am happy you happy withe outcome. You could apply once a week if covering grey hair. If using just for conditioner just apply once in 15 days. Take care and have beautiful, lustrous hair.


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