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by maria updated March 25, 2014

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I am excited to share with all of you one more of my beauty secret for long, dark and healthy hair. I am gonna talk about Henna Coloring and they are everlasting benefit. I have been using Henna since my school days. I was just attracted to henna with its uncanny fragrance and cooling effect.

Henna has great properties and is very beneficial for hair. If used daily can make wonders to your hair. Henna – Mehndi is  a great god gift to Mankind. Mother Nature has bestowed us with real miracles which creates magic to our bodies and hair.

I know you will have many questions as to how to use henna ? How it is beneficial for your hair? How it will color my grey?

Don’t worry I will tell you everything about Henna and How to use it for your hair.

Let me share with you the Benefits of Henna first:

  1. Cooling effect – If you apply regurarly Henna to your hair your head will stay Thanda Thanda cool cool. Its great to apply during summers and has got great antiseptic properties.
  2. Stop Dandruff and other Hair problems – Henna is a great remedy for Dandruff, Irritation of scalp and itching on head. Once you use it daily. You will realise Henna Benefits on your hair.
  3. Promotes hair Growth – Henna has natural properties which will promote new hair growth and make your hair strong,  healthy, wealthy and complete.
  4. Covers Grey Hair and Curbs Greying – Regularly application of henna will completely cover your grey hair and will curb greying to a larger extent
  5. Henna On Skin – When you use henna pack on skin it will give you clean and clear glowing skin. Also Henna curbs  acne and blackheads making your skin lovely deep within.

How to make Henna face Pack?

For Henna Face Pack take Henna Powder and Mix water in it. The consistency of the pack should be fluid unlike hair pack. Add water and making it into thin paste. Apply all over face except eyebrows, eye area. Keep pack for 1 mins and wash it off. If used weekly will clear your skin and there would be no Blackheads or Acne problems. Your skin will be clear and clean.

So do make this paste and let me know how was your experiene?

Hair Coloring with Henna – Mehandi:

There is a wrong notion with people if you have grey hair than only use Henna. Its a misconception Henna is a great conditioner and can be used by everyone. So all teeny boppers and adults can use Henna to your hair for conditioning your hair.

The Basic question is how one should make Henna Pack for great color. Don’t worry I have answers to all your questions.

Basic Henna Hair Pack:

  • Good and Pure quality Herbal Henna( free of chemicals)
  • Water
  • 1/2 Lime Juice Or Vinegar Or 3 tbsp Curd ( I always use curd avoid lime and vinegar)
  • 1 egg white (optional)
  • 2 tbsp instant coffee powder
  • 2 tbsp tea Powder
  • 1 cup beetroot juice (optional)
  • Mix Herbal Powder(1tbsp Manjistha Powder+1 tbsp Bhringraj + 3 tbsp Amla Powder + 1 tbsp Shikakai Powder) is OPTIONAL

Preparation Time: 15 mins ( To be Soaked Overnight)


Firstly it is very important you select a good brand of Mehndi. The Mehndi should be olive green in color and smell nice. If the Mehndi is light green or grey in color please refrain from buying them. Its best you buy from a Rajasthani Dealer or buy it from an authentic ayurvedic shop. I buy from Ayurvedic shop mostly or buy it from shops who sell Rajasthani Mehndi.

Henna - Mehndi

Take a vessel put water and tea leaves. Ensure you keep the vessel on low fire. Once the water starts boiling. Switch off the gas and keep this mixture aside to cool down. Strain the water and discard tea leaves.

Henna - Mehndi

Once the mixture has come to room temperature. Take a Iron vessel than add tea water to it. I can’t give you the exact calculation for Henna as it will depend on the length of your hair.

Add henna and mix it with your finger tips or you can take a spoon. Keep mixing until there are no lumps. Now add the instant coffee powder, Mix Herbal Powder and as per given in the Ingredient list. Herbal Pack is optional if you wish to enhance and nourish your hair.

Henna - Mehndi

Aamla,Manjistha, Shikakai, Bhringraj Powder are easily available in any ayurvedic shop.

Henna -Mehndi

Mix everything with a spoon.

Henna - Mehndi

Its better if you use iron vessel because that will help in oxidizing. Also will give deep rich color and tint to your hair.  Keep this mixture soaked overnight or you can use in 6 hours. Reason being henna needs to get soaked properly than only will give good color to your hair.

Next day before using this pack. Add egg whites mix it well. Now add either Curd/Lime juice/Vinegar to the mixture to enhance the color. Lime and Vinegar helps in giving highlights to grey hair. However too much usage of lime may grey you hair so use curd instead of lime juice.

If you have cold or sinus related problems you add Curd(dahi) and egg whites before applying Henna Pack to your hair.

I usually apply oil to my hair for about 1 hour. Post that I apply Mehndi to my hair. I have curly dry hair hence prefer applying oil and than putting henna to my hair.

You can cover your head with a hot damp cloth after you apply henna. This will help in enriching henna color. Also apply a little oil to your forehead and skin areas near your scalp. This will help your skin not to get dried up once henna is dried on your head.

Henna mixture an application is a tedious and time consuming process. But the results are amazing. Keep this Henna Pack for about 2 to 3 hours. First rinse your hair properly and try to remove the henna with plain water. Now you can use a mild shampoo and wash your hair gently.

After shampooing your hair you can use a conditioner for colored hair or just shampoo you hair. Pat dried towel on your head and rub it gently else your hair might break. So be kind and gentle to your hair. Don’t rinse your hair twice with shampoo as this might result in henna color loss (:

Wait there is one more secret if you wanna Burgundy Hair color. I will give you free advice. Take Beetroot slice them. Now add sliced beetroot with a cup of water in grinder. Extract the juice and discard the beetroot pulp. Now add this beetroot water to your henna. This will give you beautiful burgundy color.

There is a true saying “No gain without Pain”.

You can also have a dark red color if you add Katha powder to your Henna pack. Katha looks similar to a supari but its different. Katha you will easily get at your nearby Panwala shop. Take Katha and make powder than add to you henna pack. This will give you deep dark brown henna color. Further you could also add Clove Powder for deep red color in Henna.


  • Henna can make your hair brittle and dry so keep oiling your hair. You can also apply oil before application of henna.
  • Ensure you use good quality of henna before buying them.
  • Its better you don’t use any soap or shampoo after applying henna. You can rinse your hair in plain water and use a good conditioner to remove tangles if any.
  • You can straight away apply henna pack to your hair. Rinse them after 3 hours with water only. Now apply oil when your hair is in a Semi dry state. The water will dry out leaving oil behind. Massage your hair with oil.After 1 hour of Oil application rinse your hair with mild shampoo.
  • Also note henna color will darken on your hair the next day post application. Its miraculous darkening is after 1 day because its mother nature right!

Also note you can make your shampoo mild. Just take few drops of shampoo in your jug add double the volume in it. Now shake it until frothy and use it. This is simple but very good as your shampoo will be mild and gentle on your precious hair.

Do try all these and let me know your feedback for sure!

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