Peach Iced Tea Recipe

Iced Tea one of my classic favorites. I am sure there are many who love to binge on iced Tea. The tall glasses filled with orangish- brown syrup. Iced tea is always decorated in tall glasses with lime and ice cubes. My favorite is Peach Iced Tea Recipe. Nothing can be more  light, refreshing, rejuvenating than my Peach Iced Tea Recipe.

Iced Tea Recipe

I was going bonkers today as what to update on my blog today. I have endless drafts and recipes yet to be posted. Some how I was just not in the right mood to post those recipes. I had my lunch and was yet thinking. It is so freaking hot in Mumbai. I am just sipping water and eating light food. To keep my body light and cool. I felt the urge of Nimbu Paani hmmm it is nothing but Sweet  lime juice. Nimbu Paani is referred to lime juice in India. Iced Tea Recipe

But I didn’t find any lime (nimbu) in my fridge. I was all the more frustrated as I was really desperate to have one. Suddenly my mom told me to make iced tea. I wasn’t in a mood to make Iced tea from scratch. I realised I had bought Lipton Iced tea Powder in Peach flavor. Also I love iced tea so you will always find one in my fridge. I even had Mapro Peach Tea syrup. So I thought of making Iced tea instantly. Thanks to my mom otherwise I wouldn’t be sharing this recipe with all of you.

Iced Tea Recipe

I gave some trouble to my grey cells. Soon I new how to make my Iced tea but with slight change. Now there are 2 ways of making them. I will explain don’t worry.

Iced Tea Recipe

I have always ordered for iced tea be it barista or cafe coffee day. May be I am in love with tea. be it hot or cold I love tea. One of my addictions sharing with all of you. Keep it sushh! :).

Iced Tea Recipe

Keeping summer in mind I wanted to use one more cool ingredient. I used rose petals from my garden which are cool to have in summer. So this Iced tea is a fusion of Peach+Rose= Divine Iced tea lol. Hope you liked my equation. Also this iced tea looked so beautiful with dual color. Even the taste was divine.

Iced Tea Recipe

Preparation Time: 5 mins

Serves: 4 People unless everyone is a tea lover


  • 6 heaped tbsp of Iced tea Powder (Any brand would do I used Lipton Peach tea)
  • 2 tbsp Iced Tea Syrup (Any brand would do I used Mapro Peach tea)
  • Sugar not required (unless iced tea powder is without sugar)
  • 3 tbsp Fresh Rose Petals or Dried Rose Petals
  • Some Ice cubes
  • 4 glasses of Chilled Water Or Chilled Soda


You could use water as I have used to make this Iced tea. But you could use soda instead of water. The impact of soda would be different and the taste is amazing. I usually avoid aerated water hence haven’t used soda. But I can bet if iced tea is used with soda your party will surely rock.

Take water, rose petals, iced tea powder, iced tea syrup.

Ingredients-Iced Tea Recipe

Don’t forget to add ice cubes. Blend all of them in the grinder.

Iced Tea Recipe

Once they combine well your Peach Iced Tea is ready. Serve chilled with more ice cubes. To present your drink well. Slice a lime and place it in on one side of your iced tea. I couldn’t as lime was out of stock in my kitchen. Also you could garnish with few mint leaves.

Iced Tea Recipe

Enjoy your Iced tea with water or Soda whichever way you like!

Iced Tea Recipe


  1. You could avoid using tea Syrup instead add sugar. I used it for more flavor and punch of extra tea.
  2. Also you could try this Iced tea with lemonade or soda.
  3. I love peach but you could try lemon tea as well.

Do share your views!

Iced Tea Recipe


  1. Dushyant Atram says

    there’s no premix of Lipton Ice tea (Peach Flavoured) available in any store can you please help and tell me where can i find it ????

    • says

      Dushyant it was available some time back but its not available anywhere now I don’t know the reason why?? but lipton lemon iced tea is available hope this help’s you.

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