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You love shopping ….. Are you new to Pune than you are on the right blog to check places in Pune for Shopping and Best places for hangout in Pune… Pune has a lot to offer when it comes to shopping and also with regards to eating. Pune has excellent joints s well ….. So let me share with you some of my favourite Pune Shopping Places!along with some joints where you can shop and eat too …

I love shopping and if someone is ready to spend for me than I love although more to shop lol :) … There are lot of places you can shop in Pune …..Laxmi Road , F.C. road although my favourite places in Pune to shop are on Camp, MG Road, Moledina road…. and also Clover Center….

So let me tell you more in detail about shopping sprees in Pune…..

The first one on my list is Diamond Rare Hub shop at clover center….. no pic for this one…..This shop has got excellent collection for females right from  jeans,denims,shorts,capris,tees,party wears to cool tops, shirts, skirts. Just last weekend I bought some awesome stuff from there. Yeah not to worry they have 2 changing rooms. Let me tell you the clothes are apt and par with the cost … I always shop my casuals and party wear from this shop.

So next time you in pune and lost where to shop you know where to go

Just Casuals…… no pic for it……..Oh firstly let me tell you Just Casuals is quite popular in Pune and they have come with their outlets at many places in Pune. Just Casuals have their stores in Aundh, Camp, Bhandarkar Road, Ganeshkhind, Vimannagar,East Street, Koregaon Park and recently they are coming up in Vanowrie too.

The  Just Casuals I am talking about is the one in Camp….. Just Casuals is always crowded and hovered with people within the shop …… By the way they have cool collection for men too…….They also got cool collection of clothes for kids, teenagers just for everyone except infants and toddlers……  All these clothes for affordable prices and descent on our pockets… Just Casuals have also got winter collection like jump suits, jackets of various types.

I shopped one corduroy short jersey from Just Casuals for 600 Rs/- which is at par with the Jacket also picked up 1 Lavender color shirt for about 300 Rs/ ….. one beautiful Kurti for 4oo  Rs/-…. one more loose shirt for 240 Rs/-……………….. Everything at affordable prices….. Most important you don’t feel burdened after shopping lol:)..

So now if you have less budget and buy descent clothes you know you have to visit nearest Just Casuals in pune!

Just casual in Camp,
Shop No. 13, Tulsidas Apartment,
Dastur Meher Road,
Adjacent To Dorabjee’s Department, Camp, Pune – 020 26125018.

The third destination for shopping in Pune on my list is Clover Center…The pic is not so clear …. as my camera battery conked off ..

Pune Shopping Places – Pune Hangout

  • Clover Center : Its a must visit for shopping on MG Road Camp….. its a simple shopping center similar to Elco (Bandra) or Nadco (Andheri). There are series of shops in Clover  Center always crowded with shopaholics around…. You got accessories like clips,bags, cosmetics shops around Clover Center… Also there is one shop of a Punjabi person who has lovely and beautiful Shawls, Stoles and Scarfs for women at descent price because he got uncommon stoles and shawls……. I have picked quite a few from this shop which are really good.

There are lingerie shops, petshop, garments, etc everything you want is available in Clover Center. My personal favourite is shop called ACE … ACE in Clover Center got descent stocks for kurtis, Denims, Skirts, Tees, Jackets and best part is I always bargain with them .
Clover Centre is ideal place if you wanna hover around 2 to 3 shops and than decide which is the best place for you… just like a typical girl or woman shopping lol :)

The place Touche Sizzlers is also located in Clover Center so if shopping is making you hungry please go and enjoy Touche Sizzlers at Clover Center.

Pune Shopping Places – Pune Hangout

Clover Centre,
7, Moledina Road,
Camp, Pune, Maharashtra 411001,
India+91 20 2613 2108 ‎

Now lets talk more Pune shopping places I would like to talk about Camp and MG road because its in the heart of pune and linked to all areas in pune which makes it ideal for shopping.
M.G. road is full of shops and branded stores like Adiadas,Nike,Reebok, Watch Showrooms you name it and its open on M.G. road ….. There are series of shops on both sides of the road that you might get confused where to go and buy from. Also you would find clothes, accessories sold on the pavement’s for some street shopping.

In-fact you could go to Phonenix Mall, Inorbit Mall, Amanora and Pune Central for more varieties and exploring. Happy Shopping :)

Pune Hangout – Not to forget there are lot of eatery joints like Marzorine Bakery which offers great sandwiches and excellent juices along with awesome bakery items….. Also there is a famous Parsi bakery on Camp called Kayanis (Bakery) which is very popular for its Sponge cakes, Mawa Cakes, Shrewsbury biscuits… so you know where to buy what now from……Great vadapavs, fastfood, veg restaurants, lounges are spanned across M.G.road and Camp…… Also Mahesh lunch home is a famous joint for sea food just nearby Camp where you can eat coastal food though its expensive its worth it….. There is also a cool hangout called Thousand Oaks near Camp again Thousand Oaks is quite expensive unlike other places. If you are a vegeterian there is a great restaurant waiting for you called Ramkrishna Restaurant an amazing place to have chaats and kulfi faloodas. You could also get great Mughlai food at Camp near blue nile hotel.

Also on Moledina Road there is Dorabjees which is spanned across 2 floors. Dorabjees…. have got imported high quality products and groceries which you may not find anywhere across Pune. Dorabjees is always crowded because you will find all from A to Z related to Groceries,vegetables,fruits,etc under One Roof.
Pune Shopping Places – Pune Hangout

Dorabjees has hot variety of Cheese to choose from………. a lot of variety on Indian as well as imported chocolates………… Range of products to choose from………………. Veggies and Non vegeterian food available in Dorabjeesjust next to Coffee house opposite SGS Mall.

Dorabjees also offers awesome Pet food for cats,dogs… I always pick dog food from Dorabjees and my pet loves Dorabjees products…they are awesome..Dorabjees is a worth visit while in Pune.

Pune Shopping and Hangout Places

The next on my list is SGS Mall which is bang opposite Dorabjees….. SGS Mall is just like any other mall.

Pune Shopping Places – Pune Hangout

SGS Mall comprises of all branded shops like Westside which is again one of my favorites…. Landmark in SGS Mall has good collection of books and other products . I recently picked up a book from Landmark in SGS Mall .

Pune Shopping Places – Pune Hangout
SGS Mall has got 2 floors, centralised A.C. is very crowded usually . The ground floor is has the major eatery section similar to a food court .

Pune Shopping Places – Pune Hangout

There is also a Mc Donalds outlet in SGS Mall. If you wanna branded stores and also eat food or hungry than SGS Mall is an ideal place for you.

Pune Shopping Places – Pune Hangout

After reading this I am sure you know where to shop and what to eat?

Do share your honest feedback with me…… Would love to respond them!


  1. Anonymous says

    Hey maria… Thanks for the review….. I’m a college girl n i was just looking from where to buy a one-piece.. Actually i also hav some financial constraints so could you please guide me as to where shall i go to buy a decent dress for not more than 600-700?

    • says

      Shreya you could buy from clover center sometimes you get them in the range you specified. There are other boutiques and shops around clover or camp but the range starts from 2000+ You also get good one pieces at west side, lifestyle but they also would range from 1200 onward. Also try online as limeroad, styletag, amazon etc have great dresses in your specified range. Hope this help’s you.

  2. AngelEye says

    Hey Hi,
    your blog is really good as shopping guide can you please help where should I go in pune for buying good fabric collection from print cotton to chiffon and brasso kind of fabric . would really help if you reply soon.

    Thank you

    • says

      Thankyou Antara :) you could try for materials at basement of clover or try Lakshmi Road. You could try Garden Acharya Atre Sabhagriha, Subhash Nagar, 1060, Shukrawar Peth,
      Pune-411002 as they have lovely dress materials like chiffon etc. Hope this help’s you.

  3. Priyanka says

    Hi maria☺
    M new in pune
    Can you please suggest where to buy good kids wear as my daughters first birthday is comming.

    Thank you for such an informative blog

    • says

      Thankyou Priyanka :) you could buy kids wear from many places like vishal mega mart at vanowrie, lot of shops at mg road. Hope this help’s you and you are welcome.

  4. Dr alain Youell says

    Having be coming to Pune for years and your site let me find some wonderful new spots for gifts and for me, need more stuff for men as we are becoming better shoppers nowadays

    Many thanks

    Dr Youell

  5. nitu says


    i found ur blogs to b very helpful, as i m very new to pune city, wanted to knw were can i get cool tops, summer dresses, shorts, nd hot pants ( gud fittings) in not very high range jus like in malls..


    • Pooja says

      Hi please try Rare the style boutique in Kumar plaza. It has wonderful dresses, tops and lots more. Their range is also pretty reasonable . It’s shop no 15, kumar plaza basement, next to wonderland on mg rd pune

  6. Kajal says

    Hey I want to know that where I can get tuck belts for 1 pieces In pune. I want belts for 1 pieces that hsve stone work and elastic belts are that.

    • says

      Kajal you would get in some shops near alice in wonderland camp do explore teh range would be around 1k-2k for the belts you stated. Hope this helps you.

  7. Richa says

    II am new to Pune. This blog is very good. I want to do shopping for my sisters marriage. I am 21 years old and want some designer things for girls in cheap price. Please help me.

  8. gandhali says

    Hi Maria

    The information you have posted is really helpful. .Thanks for sharing such a informative list. I usually shop at laxmiroad..have never shopped in camp. It seems there are plenty of stores for western wear. .
    Can u just let me know where exactly in camp I can shop for knee length n long froks. .. …looking for a nice dress for anniversary. ..

    The inf

    • says

      Gandhali thankyou and you are welcome :) there are lot of shops at clover center mg road also lot of small shops near Alice in wonderland just explore you would get one piece for sure.

  9. Aarti says

    Hi Maria,

    Hope you are doing well! Thanks for sharing the local markets of pune.I am missing delhi for shopping and metro for transport.I just want to ask you clover center is in MG Road na?? and Tulsi bag is famous for.I have visted laxmi road but not getting good shops for cheap kurtis….now will try Clover centre.

  10. priyanka says

    Hey Maria!
    Thanks for the exhaustive list of awesome shopping spots..! Impressed! Could u list some places in pune where we can get readymade blouse?

  11. Shweta says

    Hi Maria

    Your block is v informative.
    I am not sure if you can help me too, but since you are quite close to this place so might be knowing where can I get ladies wear (western) at whole sale rate and qty.
    I am from Delhi and here in pune for few days would like to buy some readymade stock for my shop in Delhi.
    Pls do share any details you have regarding the same.

    Best regards

    • says

      Thankyou Shweta :) for coming here there are ample of shops in camp I am out of station else would have provided with more detailed information. Happy shopping in Pune check MG road there are many boutiques and chops which you could explore.

  12. rashi jain says

    Hi..I stay in Wakad Pune and would like to know where can I get Akshara (Hina Khan – Ye Rishta kya kehlata hai) style frock suits in Pune. Or better if you could let me know if they are available online :) One site I came across is AtiSundar.com. But dont know the reviews of this site. Please guide. Thanks.

  13. Meena says

    Hi Maria,

    I’m going to be visiting Pune shortly and am on the lookout for traditional suits for women and kurtas for men that are appropriate for formal occasions. They need to be well made with an eye for detail, natural fibres and not too gaudy. I don’t want to have to spend too much time shopping, so a smaller boutique carrying good quality clothes would be ideal. Any ideas?

  14. Niladri Varma says

    Hi Maria,
    Nice post, but you can also visit Phoenix Market City Pune. This is the one place where you can get all branded and non branded stuffs also you can have varieties of food items at their food court.

  15. pritika says

    Hey, want to know the address of some good boutique or tailor from where I can get my blouses and suits stitched with a designer touch?

    • says

      Pritika try fig leaf on east street camp hope this helps you. You could also try clover center basement for stitching blouses and outfits.

  16. Rajput says

    Hey Maria .. That’s very helpful information .. I am fade up off going in malls and just checking price tags … Today m planning to go to ur suggested shops .. Thanks .. Will post my experience

  17. Megha says


    I am looking for dress materials in pune. I have visited clover centre and wonderland and didn’t find the best one.In north side(New Delhi) very good dress materials are available.Is any one is aware of any good shops for dress materials in pune.

  18. Brad says

    Hi Maria

    Great blog – very informative!

    I’m travelling to Pune (for work) next week, and am staying @ the Four Points Sheraton. I see there are a couple of malls around this area – I was hoping to buy a few nice Indian clothes for my wife, and also for my 2 daughters – 17 years old and 1 year old.

    Any tips/ best shops – what to ask for/ look for?


    • says

      Thankyou Brad :) welcome to Pune! Four points Sheraton is located at Viman Nagar. So there are malls like inorbit and phoenix mall. I would recommend Phoenix Mall for shopping, some shops like global desi, max, mega mart would be good for ethnic Indian wear. If you looking for local and economic clothes you could also hover around M.G. Road at Camp there is SGS mall and cover center for Indian clothes at the basement. Also if you walk down the street you would get the street clothes and accessories like earrings, belts etc. Hope this helps you :) happy shopping and have a great time here.

  19. manu says

    Try indian concepts for cotton kurtis. they have an online store too. google it. lovely office wera cotton kurtas

  20. Ekta Aggarwal says

    I am new in Pune and next month my sister is getting married so I need some heavy designer suits. Where I could find them

  21. pooja says

    yes megna i agree with you ,after reading your comment wanted to give MUST botuique a visit , went there on saturday eveving and the loved the new arrivals …will surely revisit the store ..

  22. says

    i visited this shop in pune koregoan park, called MUST one of the best shops in koregoan park, shopped for a black gown, price are resonable. would strongly recomend any one to shop for party wear here,,
    koregoan park lane no 6,
    besides arthurs theme/
    shop no 4

  23. nidhi says

    Hi I am new in pune & i want one place where in I can find all kind of cothing…Kurtis (simple & party wear) + Jean & tees…..BUT my one & only problem is Size…. where can i buy Xl stufff :(….in pune??

    • maria says

      Nidhi for xl stuff you will have to go to Shoppers stop, Lifestyle Or Westside in Camp :) Or you could also visit clover center Or alice in wonderland at camp for shopping kurtis. Hope this helps you!

  24. priya maske says

    hey dear,i have recently shifted in pune and need all the start up stuff like bedding,table,iron,etc to name a few.is there any place near nigdi where i can buy these item and do some girly shopping as well.moreover like everything under one roof. :)
    i liked your reviews and looking forward to get a helpful and quick reply from u.please let me know.

    • maria says

      Hey Priya thanks for coming here I am sorry as I don’t know anything about that side as I stay towards Vanowrie …. girly shopping you can do at M.G. Road camp there are many places like Clover Center, SGS Malls, Shoppers Stop at Camp. Everything under one roof will be at Reliance at Kharadi where you will get everything at one roof. Hope this helps you :)

  25. kriti says

    Can u please tell me where to buy cotton simple kurti at pune..not in malls…melange n biba are not gud..please help

    • maria says

      Hi Kriti,

      You can buy from a shop called ACE in Clover Center Camp. Try there or there are other shops there as well.


  26. adiit says

    hi maria,

    is it true that we buy adult toys in clover center….??? been trying hard to find some in pune….no success yet :( :(

    • maria says

      Thanks Adiit for visiting my blog I am not sure which adult toys you are referring to secondly I am not so sure about toy shops in Pune .

  27. janhavi says

    hey i loved your post it helped alot but what i really wanted to know is the places in clover u go to for shooping since ur really into the whole shopping thing could you also tell me a few shops in wonderland and basicaly really cheap yet good quality stuff cuz i cant affford expensive branded stuff
    thanks a lot :)

    • maria says

      Hey Janhavi,

      Thanks Janhavi great to know this post is helping you. I understand you could try in Fashion street near Camp. Also Fashion street in Churchgate Mumbai, Linking Road, Elco in Bandra West -Mumbai is cool places to shop. You will have to really dig and search for something good at the same time do bargain with them.


      • santosh says

        hi Maria ,
        Thanks for the Support can u please help me where is BRAND FACTORY or else where can I get MENS WARE at good discount/cost in pune…

        Please mail me…

        • maria says

          Hey Neelam,

          Thanks for spending your time on my blog. Brand Factory is situated at Hermes Plaza, # 1978, Convent Street, Camp, Pune – 411011.Landmark is near Shivaji Market. If you ask anyone will show you Shivaji Market. You will have to check Pune Central for their annual sales for Mens Wear. Also you can go to SGS mall in Camp for Mens wear.


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