Sol Kadhi – Kokam Curry

Summer Special Sol Kadhi made with heart and soul. Sol Kadhi is a common dish across konkan belt in Maharashtra. Konkan, Goa all of them make  Sol Kadhi. It tastes awesome with steamed rice. Sol Kadhi is a great appetizer. Sol Kadhi helps in food digestion. People also drink sol kadhi after heavy food. Sol Kadhi is one of the most famous recipe in our house and Konkan Belt.

Sol Kadhi

Sol Kadhi is referred to Kokam curry. Kokam is dark purple or black in color. The sol kadhi color is light pink. Looking at the kadhi only will make you refreshing. Sol Kadhi is light, rejuvenating and divine in taste.

Sol Kadhi

Kokam has great properties is beneficial for health. It is used for treating skin rashes, indigestion. Kokam has cooling properties. In Ayurveda Kokam also controls pitta level in our body.

Sol Kadhi

Yesterday I had Sol kadhi with steamed rice courtesy My Mom. I was in heaven just fabulous. Don’t just read make them! You will love this Sol Kadhi. Sol Kadhi is quite often made at my place. I have been eating it since my childhood. I love the color, aroma and texture of Sol Kadhi. There are some more version of Sol Kadhi but I love made by my mom. I relish them with rice.

Sol Kadhi

Kokam is called as Garcinia Indica in scientific term. I really don’t know what it is referred as otherwise.

Total Time: 30 mins

Serves: 7 to 8 People


  • 1 Fresh Grated Coconut Or 400 Gms fresh Grated Coconut
  • 10 to 12  Kokam immersed in half cup water
  • 2 tbsp Oil
  • 15 Curry Leaves
  • 1 tbsp Curry Leaves
  • 1 t/s Mustard Seed
  • 1 t/s Asofoetida (Hing)
  • 8 to 10 Garlic Cloves
  • 2 Kashmiri Red Chilies
  • Few Coriander Strands
  • Salt as per taste
  • 2 cups Water


Take the fresh grated coconut and grind into a form paste. Add little water if required. Strain the coconut puree with linen cloth. Squeeze all the milk form the coconut. This is your thick coconut Milk.

Sol Kadhi

Now take the residue of coconut or left over coconut pulp. Again grind them with 1 cup water. Strain again for coconut milk in a linen cloth. This is your thin coconut milk.

Sol Kadhi

Take a wok or vessel add oil. Once oil is hot add cumin seeds. Saute curry leaves, garlic, Asofoetida, Kashmiri Red Chillies, Mustard seeds and few coriander leaves to it. Saute everything for about a minute on low fire.

Sol Kadhi

Now switch off the gas. Add both thick and thin coconut milk. Stir all of them together.  Add the water where kokam was  immersed. Squeeze kokam to remove its moisture and water. Combine them into the curry. This will give a nice mauve or baby pink color.

Sol Kadhi

Combine everything with a spoon.

Sol Kadhi

Your Sol Kadhi is ready.

Sol Kadhi

Garnish with coriander leaves.

Sol Kadhi

Serve with steamed rice or Just drink as a appetizer after heavy meals.


  1. Don’t reheat this curry. Just refrigerate them and remove 1 hour prior eating. If you re heatthe curry will get spoiled because of coconut milk.
  2. Once you saute the spices ensure you switch the gas off. Otherwise your kokam curry will get spoiled.

Sol Kadhi


  1. Thanks of recipes

  2. nice one…..thanks for this recipe

  3. Kokum – the scientific name is Garcinia Indica.

  4. Hi! Here for the first time – love your food and photography. And I’m always happy to meet another Mumbai blogger 🙂

    • Hey Simran,

      Thanks Simran for loving my food photography and food. Guess credit goes to my sister for being my crictics in photography. I am still learning the tricks of photography. I also love to meet a Amchi Mumbai Food Blogger.


  5. I love Sol Kadhi but don’t get to taste it as often as i like, may be that’s why is like it so much.

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