Instant Chocolate Mousse

Hooray I am so happy to share Instant Chocolate Mousse to all of you. It is my first attempt to make an instant chocolate mousse. I took a big risk to make it on Moms birthday. When I asked her which cake she would like to eat. She replied no cakes hence I decided to make chocolate mousse. As she loves chocolates and has a sweet tooth. But I wanted to make the chocolate mousse within 3 hours before twelve. So I knew an Instant Chocolate Mousse from famous Nigella. I adapted the recipe of Instant Chocolate Mousse from Nigella. I am thankful to her as I could make an Instant Chocolate Mousse on my moms birthday! Guess I often bake cakes so many times……..naturally mom is bored eating cakes… Thanks to

Instant Chocolate Mousse

Luckily I had marsh mallows at home. Instant Chocolate Mousse Instant Chocolate Mousse will directly take you to heaven. It is divine, marvelous, a boon to chocoholics. I always order for chocolate mousse for dessert in cafes, restaurants etc. I am in love with chocolates. I am so happy with my chocolate mousse that words cannot express them!.. You got to try making them at home to know what I am talking about. Also I can easily make a chocolate mousse home now that too which tastes better than the ones you get outside.

Instant Chocolate Mousse

The best part is my mom loved it. Also I had placed tea candles on them at sharp 12.00 a.m…. She blew the candles and had the mousse. I sang the birthday song for her. I am so engrossed with food photography  that I didn’t even click my moms snaps. I was only busy in clicking mousse snaps lol… that is passion I guess 🙂

Instant Chocolate Mousse

I had my friend visiting home as well. She doesn’t like chocolates unlike me. Also I wasn’t in a mood to make any special dessert. So I decided to make a different presentations for my chocolate mousse. You can check them in the pics. I love to decorate any kind of food and present them in an innovative way. Finally I was successful as my friend had a look at them. She decided to taste some. Although she ate 4 spoons of mousse but yet it was a great achievement for me.

Cashew Instant Chocolate Mousse

Weight watchers should be careful as lots of cream is used for this recipe. Cream is fatty so you can have a small bite. Otherwise you might end up in collecting fats.

Instant Chocolate Mousse

For original recipe you could visit However I made a big blunder whilst making chocolate mousse. I have heated all the ingredients including cream and vanilla essence. In Nigella’s recipe. She has whipped the cream with vanilla extract and than folded the cream mixture to the chocolate batter. I was in haste of making the Chocolate Mousse hence I made this blunder. I was a bit tensed as to how my chocolate mousse turn out to be. To my surprise the mousse was awesome and it was perfect mousse. I am gonna make this mousse next time also in the same fashion! Some times some blunders we make in life are great… worth taking a risk 🙂

Instant Chocolate Mousse

Also I have made some more changes to this mousse. I have added milk and dry fruits to enhance the richness and flavor. Not to forget I have added cocoa powder for more chocolate flavor.

Total Time: 20 mins + 2 hours to set

Serves: 5 to 6 People unless all are chocolate lovers


  • 1 cup Chopped Dark Chocolate
  • 1 cup Marsh Mallows in small size
  • 200 gms Cream
  • 1/2 cup hot boiling water
  • 1/2 cup milk
  • 3 tbsp Brown Sugar Or as sweetness required
  • 3 tbsp Cocoa Powder
  • 4 tbsp Butter
  • 1/2 cup Dry Fruits (Optional)


Take a heavy bottomed saucepan. Combine all of the ingredients together. Keep the gas on low flame.

Instant Chocolate Mousse

Keep stirring the mixture otherwise the chocolate might stick to the bottom. Once the marsh mallows  start melting. Roughly about 7 mins the mixture should incorporate well. Switch off the gas. Again mix the batter with a spatula. Now pour the batter into the desired mold. Scrape the rest of mousse as well from the pan.

Instant Chocolate Mousse

Keep the mousse to set for about 2hours in the fridge.

Instant Chocolate Mousse

Serve chilled.

Instant Chocolate Mousse

Decorate with roasted almonds or cashews.

Instant Chocolate Mousse

You could also top it with few cherries.

Instant Chocolate Mousse

Or garnish with choco chips.

Instant Chocolate Mousse

There are many ways to present. You could add some cream with few mint leaves. You want more ways to decorate. Be creative and innovative automatically you will get ideas to present your mousse.

Instant Chocolate Mousse


  • Please do not keep mousse to set in the freezer. Keep it in the fridge.

Happy Moussing!

Instant Chocolate Mousse


  1. now what is Marsh Mallows maria i would love to make this coz my hubbys bday on sunday pls tell me if ant delicious substitute for this

    • Marshmallows are mainly made from animal gelatin like cow, pig. The best replacement for marshmallows are agar agar. Agar Agar is vegetarian and easily available in the market. Also agar agar is also known as china grass. Hope this is of help to you.


  2. PIGS and COWS are common sources of marshmallows as they are gelatin based. Unless KOSHER marshmallows are used, then pigs are out. As of writing (Dec 2011). Philippines produces natural seaweed agar-agar, ask your Filipino vegetarian friends if they can help.

    • Hey Janet,

      Thanks for the information 🙂 ….. I have already used agar agar for my eggless chocolate mousse click on the link to know more about the recipe.


  3. awww so so so yummy very tasty i am making this almost to all the pals i know thna a ton kelly
    <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

  4. Wow gorgeous pictures! 🙂

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