Egg Substitute for Baking Recipes, Egg Free Substitutes

by maria updated June 3, 2014

Egg Substitute for Baking Recipes, Egg Free Substitutes | Egg Replacer

This is my cheat sheet for Egg Substitutes for baking recipes. Finally I have come with my favorite section in baking eggless and vegan baking.  I love to experiment with various egg substitute for baking. So far I have used flaxseed, buttermilk, apple juice, orange juice, milk / condensed milk for eggless baking. I don’t like much of  eggy cakes because of the egg smell. I am sure you will have a different reason could be you are a vegetaran, vegan, allergic to cakes Or dislike eggs Or just don’t have eggs to bake a cake ;)

Further lemme help you with some important factors to be noted for egg substitutes for baking:

  1. Flaxseed : It gives a unique flavor to your cakes hence best to use with dense and strong flavors like chocolates Or coffee cake. I roast my flaxseed for 2 to 3 mins on low heat. Grind into a processor to make fine powder and add 3 tbsp lukewarm water to it. Allow to rest for 5 mins then use for eggless cakes. I love the flax flavor in chocolate cakes however if you wanna try using flax for lighter flavored cakes it’s better to use another egg replacer listed below. Also I have tried this substitute so many times and amazed with it’s result. Flax are called as Alshi in India it’s a dark brown color seed and slightly bigger than sesame seed in size.
  2. Silken Tofu: Grind silken tofu with 3 tsbp water until smooth paste is formed. Ensure you use silken tofu for normal cakes. For cheesecakes non silken tofu will give you better result. So be careful which kind of Tofu you are using for which type of cake. Word of caution don’t use tofu for large quantities cakes as the result will be very dense and heavy.
  3. Mashed Bananas: is the most easiest egg replacer easily found in your kitchen. While mixing the batter with bananas you gotto to be quick. Also please note Bananas will alter the taste and flavor of your cake so use them only with banana bread/banana cakes/banana muffins.
  4. Fruit Juice / Puree: You could use apple juice, puree, orange juice, pumpkin pureed, prunes pureed, dates pureed and apricot pureed.
  5. Milk Or Condensed Milk: Milk / Condensed milk will give a light flavor and great for making eggless sponge cakes. Great option for kids who are fussy about eggs.
  6. Vegan Milk: Soy milk / Almond milk are of great option for vegans. Also they are healthy and low cal.
  7. Buttermilk is great for making any type of cakes also gives great texture to your cake.
  8. Vegan Buttermilk: How to make vegan buttermilk quite simple. Allow the soy milk / almond milk to sit in lime juice for 5 to 7 mins before using them.
  9. Butter is a great option to replace eggs however it also has a high amount of fats and cholesterol.
  10. Vegan Butter: Vegatable oil is a great replacement for vegans. You could also use vegan butter if available in your country
  11. Vinegar Or Lime Juice: Mix vinegar with milk, hot water or add dash of baking soda. Use this mixture at the end while folding ingredients to give a better result.
If you wanna know more about baking like what is self raising flour? some basic cake baking tips click here.
I have a lot of eggless cakes check some cakes like eggless mango cake, vegan wine chocolate cake, eggless tresleches cake and vanilla cake. Hope the above cheat sheet for eggs and the replacement factors help you. Also check out which kind of replacement you could use for various kinds of cakes. Happy Baking :)

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