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Find some traditional, classic Goan Christmas sweet recipe, savories  right here! I am delighted to share some sweet recipes and some other desserts ……. Goan christmas sweets are known as Kuswar  / Kuswad which has a blend of sweets with spicy stuff. In Goa we have Baath cake, Neuris, Christmas cake, Pies, Dodols, Bebinca, Doce De Grao and many more as Xmas sweets. Some collection of this authentic  Christmas Sweets you will find right here. So do make them this Christmas.

Apart from dessert there are savories and traditional recipes of Goa which you could make them at Christmas. I have shared the links and pictures of those recipes as well here. All the recipes are from my mother’s treasure-bank and I am truly grateful and thankful to her for this.

Christmas has a special place in my heart. As I still believe in Santaclaus and feel one day genuine Santa will come and give me some gifts lol. Christmas comes with cold chills, snow, gifts, prayers, celebrations, sweet and family time.

Even the Christmas mass is quite special its chilled. The weather, environment, people wearing lovely clothes, sweets make them extra special. I love Christmas eve and the entire week till new year’s eve.

I am sure all of us  have a lot of memories associated with different festive occasions. Also we all look forward to celebrate them right. I still have a kid in me when christmas comes. I look forward to many things like cakes, desserts, sweets, gifts, prayers and lots love!

Traditional Goan Christmas Sweets Recipe / Kuswar Recipe:


Baath Cake recipe here

Goan Baath Cake

 Bebinca / Bebik  recipe here

Goan Christmas Savory Recipes

  Guavacheese recipe here

Goan Christmas Sweets

  Dodol recipe here

Goan Christmas Sweets

 Rose Cookies recipe here

Goan Christmas Sweets

  Kulkul / Kalkal recipe here

Goan Christmas Sweets

 Goan Neuris / Karanji  recipe here

Goan Christmas Sweets

 Glutenfree Cake Or Marble Cake recipe here

Glutenfree Marble Cake

Chocolate Marzipan  recipe here

Goan Christmas Sweets

 Chocolate Ginger Bread recipe here

Goan Christmas Savory Recipes  

Doce De Grao / Doce recipe here

Goan Christmas Sweets

Marzipan recipe here

Goan Christmas Sweets

Homemade Doughnut Recipe here

Goan Christmas Sweets

Eggless Tuttifrutti Cookies  recipe here

Goan Christmas Sweets  

 Goan Nankhatai recipe here

Goan Nankhatais Recipe

 Goan Snowballs Cookie recipe here

Snowball Cookies Recipe

Chocolate Swiss Roll recipe here

Goan Christmas Sweets  

Christmas Savories and Traditional Goan Recipes :

Chaklis recipe here

Goan Christmas Savory Recipes (1)

 Clams Dry recipe here

Goan Christmas Savory Recipes (2)

Mackerel Recheado/ Bangdo Recheado recipe here

Goan Christmas Savory Recipes

Mandeli Fish Curry recipe here

Goan Christmas Savory Recipes

Prawns Curry recipe here

Goan Christmas Savory Recipes

Egg Curry recipe here

Goan Christmas Savory Recipes

Dry Bombay Duck Curry / Bombil Batata recipe here

Goan Christmas Savory Recipes

 Goan Prawns Fry recipe here

Goan Christmas Savory Recipes

Prawn Vindaloo recipe here

Goan Christmas Savory Recipes

If you love Goan food then do check prawn pulao, crab curry, shark fry, tendli pickle, mushroom chili fry, eggless baath cake, mandeli fry, mince potato chops, sorak curry, piri piri sauce, peas potato chop, mushroom cutlet, ambotik and sol kadi.

Wish Everyone Merry Christmas in  advance. Hope all of you have a great year ahead and hope you like my Christmas collection. Have  a Blast Enjoy :)


  1. TARU RAJPUT says

    firstly merry christmas.Actually I am a student and we are going to present state goa. And i took part in cooking . Thanks a lot for your help

  2. janet pereira says

    Hi to all of u,

    Just wanted to let u know that ive a friend in mumbai (vasai) who makes goan sweets and sells them. She makes awesome pinac. We put up a stall every weekend selling home made sweets. For more details send an email to sebyjanet@gmail.com

  3. Vanita Amin says

    Hi. Maria. Good afternoon. Thks for this lovely Treasure of recipes. Wishing you a Happy Christmas in Advance. In fact it is Christmas already :). Thks so much. Take care. Have a nice day.

  4. Rajshree says

    Love your recipes, my friends mom used to make milk cream, would you by any chance have the recipe for Milk cream?
    If yes, could please share it?

  5. godwin says

    thanks maria . any way i seen borivali mentioned in one for you replies , i thaught it would also be available some where in bandra . if you have any info on that please send. any way thanks once again.

    • says

      Godwin guess it’s also available in Bandra west where the catholic resides however I am not so sure about it check with your friends oR relatives around Bandra. You are welcome hope this helps you I live in Pune post marriage and goan sweets are available here too in Camp-Pune.

  6. godwin says

    i live in navi mumbai,where in mumbai can i purchase goan sweets, like doce,bebinca, bolinhasand batika please send me information thanks.

  7. Henry Assumption says

    They used to make a rye sweet in Goa called PINAGRE PINAC or something like that it contained coconut and coconut jaggrey, it was dry almost like marrjipan it was shaped like laddoos or dimonds. Have you recipe for that? Thanks

    • maria says

      Savio you would get Goan sweets in any Goan Or cold storage shop there are lot such shops in Mumbai one is is in IC colony borivali west next to church :)

      • valencia dcosta says

        Hi just wanted to know that if u make pathoies/patolies also. If yes pls send me ur contact no so that i can place an order. Thank u.

  8. Maria Pereira says

    Hi there , I have tried many of your recipes , they are excellent & easy
    Thank you
    I am still waiting for ginger wine recipe please Help .
    Thanks & best wishes always


    • maria says

      Maria I will surely update you soon gimme some more time please I will make before xmas for sure :) as I have to travel again take care.

  9. Chris says

    Hey Maria…
    Great blog…btw, do you know what ‘lethriya’ is..? Its a relatively old Christmas sweet..that I would really like the recipe of…Im not sure how to spell it..but if it sounds familiar to you and you know of a way I an get the receipe..Id really appreciate it..Thanks!

    • maria says

      Hi Chris,

      Have a great new year sorry for replying late. Lethriya not sure what is it? I will check out and let you know. Atleast tell me its texture Or ingredients which goes in making it?


      • natalina vaz says

        Hi Maria,

        Nice receipes !!! Hope to try some of them at Christmas

        Lethriya (spelling ???? ) if i am not mistaken is a sweet made with tender coconut meat dipped in sugar syrup

  10. says

    Great that you put all these links together here. I still have some dates, so the date cake link does have my interest. I really have enjoyed your posts this year and I look forward to our continued sharing into next year and the rest of this year. Not sure of your schedule, (I will be blogging for another few weeks before the holidays) but if our comments don’t cross until after the new year I wish you a wonderful celebration full of laughter, love and, of course, wonderful food.

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